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Factors Influencing Health Policy

One of the major factors influencing health care policy is the quality of care. Central to this debate is the question a... Details

Current events in Libya

Libya has been engulfed in a civil war since February 15, 2011, as the country’s president battles out with rebels... Details

Facts About Military Transformation

Experts in military science have, for a long time, emphasized on the need for the United States to transform its militar... Details

Benjamin Franklin and the Puritans

Benjamin Franklin was born in a family in which both his father and mother were pious Puritans. His family attended the... Details

The Scandal of News Corporation & News International

Corporate governance is a key issue in majority of organizations and it is commonly associated with the many crisis case... Details

The American Way of War

The American way of war became distinct after the cold war when they engaged in the nine combat wars. The first war was... Details