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Democratic-Based Political Systems

1. Democratic-based political systems have in the recent past been settling on forming majority coalition either before... Details

Drake Incident Strategic Objective and the IRA Group

      Attrition: This is when the terrorists are adamant to erode the psychological will of the target or... Details

The First Rule of Liberalism

The ongoing classical liberal debate in the U.S. regarding the size and role of government It is a fact that the issue o... Details

American Government

The two party systems have run its course and therefore it should not be abolished. This is because, over the time the t... Details

Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debate

The first of four televised Kennedy-Nixon presidential debate was held in September of 1960. Over fifty years on, it sti... Details

The Presidential Voting

The state of Florida experienced a number of complications during the presidential voting of the 7th November, 2000. The... Details