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Geopolitics and International Relations

The discipline of international relations continues to change given the emerging global trends that the human race canno... Details

Legitimate Political Authority

Unbelievably, civil disobedience has a crucial part to play in the current way of doing things. The position it holds is... Details

Domestic Surveillance or Spying on Americans by Government

Domestic surveillance of communications is a program by the National Security Agency of gathering and collection of comm... Details

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the most beloved president in the United States of America. Her mother died when Lincoln was ten yea... Details

Political Side of Khaldun

Ibn Khaldun was born in the city of Tunis on 27 May 1332. His family had settled in Seville since their immigration from... Details

Democracy is Necessary but Dangerous

Democracy is a system of governance based on the principle that all members have equal rights to be involved in running... Details