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Nuclear Power

The use of fossil fuels to drive the economy is a challenge that the government are trying to solve. Not only are the fo... Details

Size and Role of the U.S. Government

During polling, the Americans usually prefer to have a very lean or small government, which would translate to enhanced... Details

Vietnam in Iraq

Veterans returning from Iraq war were received much more warmly than those returning from Vietnam War.  Iraq war ve... Details

The Security-Development Nexus

Essentially, the economic power of a given country or system of power is determined by its influence and power within a... Details

The Living Room Candidate

The commercial OBAMA vs. MCCAIN is a paid commercial on “THE LIVING ROOM CANDIDATE” by senator McCain. This... Details

America Today

a)“Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment and betrays instead of serving you, if he... Details