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Searching for Hope: German Immigrants in the USA

America is well-known for being the destination point for thousands of immigrants from all over the world. Every ethnici... Details

Principles and Articles of the United States Constitution

Part I: Principles of the Constitution The Constitution of the USA is the supreme law of the country, which was adopted... Details

The Redistricting Problem of Texas

RESEARCH QUESTION 1  The federal state of Texas has always been considered as a voters base of the republicans on t... Details

Bill to Law Process

Annually few thousands of bills are introduced to the Congress, but only a hundred or two of them become laws. As a rule... Details


Politics is defined as the system where power or authority is used to manage social aspects of a given society. Such asp... Details

The Analysis of the Preamble to the United States Constitution

Before 1789, the young nation had been ruled by the Articles of Confederation, which were passed in 1781. However, in 17... Details