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Political Sciences

Tocqueville believes that democracy fosters individualism and materialism. Based on your reading of Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism, do you think that individualism and materialism facilitate or hinder the rise of totalitarianism? Details

Academic Interest

Why do you want a PHD Degree on Ethnic Issues in Xinjiang?. Details

Southern States

The Factors of Unifying and Division in the American Society Every nation of the modern states that passed their historical way through the centuries in such a way became reasonably balanced and well-organized. Details

Immigration Debate in Britain

The recent events in various parts of the world notably increased Islamist radicalization in the west, the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, and the increased cases of terrorism in having brought a serious debate on the issues of migration. Britain has been one of the western European countries that have been involved actively in these debates within the political ranks. Details