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Ideal State

Above all things, the concept of the ideal state is elaborated by a wide range of political philosophers. Every prominen... Details

The California Dream Act

The recently-signed California DREAM Act has been an issue of controversy in California politics. Californian Governor J... Details

Transatlantic Relationship between European Union and the US

United States and EU have common entangled life story. The United States-European security, economic and political relat... Details

Linkage Institutions

The Media Media is a linkage institution between people and the policy makers. It serves a watchdog role and seeks to ex... Details

US in Libya

Libya is a country positioned in the northern Africa in Maghreb area. It is neighbored by, the Mediterranean Sea, Sudan,... Details

Alzheimer's Breakthrough Act 2009

Statistics indicate that Alzheimer’s disease affects estimated 5 million individual Americans. It is also estimate... Details