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The New Republic

The New Republic emerged after the revolution in the 19th century. This led to the New Republic acquiring of a new const... Details

China Yuan Exchange Rate

The major purpose of this paper is to investigate the actual exchange rate policy as reviewed by the government of China... Details

The U.S Military to Withdraw from Afghanistan

Afghanistan, a landlocked country of 250,000 square miles is located in Central Asia. To the east and south it is on the... Details

Propaganda for Political Agendas

The media plays several roles in our society. It has the adversarial role apart from which it also acts always as a plat... Details

Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA?

The CIA is an intelligence body that majors in providing the president essential information concerning the state. The C... Details

An Exploration of Ideal Government and Leadership

The topic of leadership and governments has drawn global interest in the recent past. Human rights advocacy has proved t... Details