All Citizens should be Required by Law to Vote

In every country in the world where democracy is practiced, an election to vote new leaders is conducted after some time. It is a requirement by the law. Once a citizen of any country casts his or her vote it gives a direction or the route a country should take. Many Citizens fail to turn out during voting days, but after the results, they end up complaining and causing violence as a way of showing dissatisfaction of the election's outcome. Therefore, the best way to avoid violence of this sort is through ensuring that every citizen is guided on the importance of voting, as a requirement by the law. That is every citizen should take voting as an obligation not just a right (Durant).

Once the laws of a country require that every citizen should vote, and by involving every citizen in the voting session gives, a country the confidence the country economy will improve trough proper and full utilization of the available resources. The more votes a country gets in an election it show that the country is safe. Apparently, this means that many citizens have confidence in the leaders voted into run a government. Many people fail to vote ending up complaining on poor governance or poor leadership. Once all the citizens take part in the voting session, it too gives more feelings of citizens in the election. At the end, the citizens are legally required to vote it reduce the influence of some strong groups who are diluted giving the populace a better representation. Therefore, the election body should also ensure that things such as the voters list should be corrected to ensure that no citizen is denied a chance to exercise his right. The election body should act independently for the purpose of the best candidate can be selected (Constitution).

It is remarkably necessary to know that voting is the only voice a citizen has in shaping the future of the community state and the nation. Improving the living standards of people in an economy is left under the charge of a voter. Electing the best candidate ensures that the citizens taxes and resources will be directed to improve and benefit the citizen. If all people take part in the voting process, they have confidence that the candidate they have given a chance to represent them best knows their needs, and they are to receive a lot benefit out of their efforts (Babcock and al).

It is clear that nearly in every country there are disputes after elections. Therefore, if the law ensures that all citizens turn up on the voting day, it will reduce disputes whereby there will be no issues of votes being stolen. That is, if all registered voters in a country through the set laws turn out in the voting day and give their vote the candidate of their choice, it will make sure the best candidate receives the majority votes. It is clear that those citizens who do not turn out during voting time ends up giving room for the stealing of votes. This happens whereby their names are used to represent that they took part in the voting session and yet they did not. As a result, the disguised votes are counted in favor of one of the contesting candidate. What results are disputes and on top of that, violence keys in disrupting the peace of the citizens. Therefore, all citizens should be required to vote, as this will benefit both the country and citizens.

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