Anti-Muslim Discrimination

Anti-Muslim discrimination has been a huge problem in America since the September 11 attack. This replaced the Jews discrimination and stripped all them of the security clearances. These made them lose their jobs, and they were demoted from their high security positions. Currently, the Muslims have a major problem of getting security clearance from other religions. Therefore, unless the Americans become aware of the historical comparison between the Jewish community and the radical Muslim, this issue will end up as a media circus (Friedersdorf, May, 4 2012). It is very sad that Muslim discrimination is a big problem in the country. So, the only thing to encourage a better relationship between colleagues, local public officials, and their neighbors is the leaders.

Anti-Muslim Discrimination

There are many types of reported discrimination evident in many incidents. Bias-related incidents are comprised of a higher percentage of discrimination in religion. They have gone to the extent that they involve physical assault. Employment discrimination is another issue that demeans the Muslim. It is often heard of the employment complains to the Muslim communities on allegations of being terrorists. The government makes efforts to stop and clean-up the spread of terrorism as there is an increased number of the reports of harassment and discrimination in the US in an unfair manner. The government continually employs practices and policies based on such ethnicity (Epstine 31 Aug. 2012). The law enforcements measures taken after the terror attacks are generally meant to enhance safety and security to all Americans and are done within the confines of the constitution.

The solution to these problems is in the hands of policy makers. Schools and other organizations should ensure that there is the consideration of human dignity and respect regarding the treatment of everyone. The simple solution to such problems is to ensure considering the great diversity of people from all lifestyles. Everyone should take into account the demographic and sociological factors of Muslim diversity.

The greatest problem that can arise is our failure to address this problem amicably. This can enable the spread of hatred ideologies that can turn from opportunistic to political discourse. The human rights groups should urge the government to establish equality at the national level to monitor the set anti-discriminatory laws. Equal opportunities should be provided to all people regardless of their political and religious affiliations. Understanding and accepting each other’s rights and freedoms of religion and culture will help the country to grow and make people more peaceful (Coyle 9 Sep. 2009).

In some specific situations, special registrations are required to establish visitors and students for Muslim-dominated nations who raided their homes and business premises. It is worse that there are no suits that are filled against these aggressors. The Muslim community and other communities from the Arabic decent were subjected to a very high stress level due to this type of discrimination (Hassan, Feb 7 2006). Some forms of harassment encountered include verbal insults in terms of their religion relating every Muslim with terrorism, banditry, and threats to kill the Muslims among others. Other forms of discrimination include housing, accommodation related, and enjoyment of basic privileges.


Anti-Muslim discrimination has been a major problem since September 11 incidence. Most people had a perception that all Muslims are violent and would like to kill others who are non-Muslims. Unfortunately, most of the violence Muslims are doing arises from being politically brain-washed. Most of these people are from poor countries and have no education or anybody to look upon. These people then become targets of recruitment by people who want to use the Muslim religion and make the teachings from the Quran into their own words.  They twist the words and make these people believe that it is the word of god, so that they will go out and execute these horrible and tragic events. These types of people give good Muslims a very bad name. We hope that one day, regardless of the religion we profess, everyone shall get along with each other, and people will also see that not all Muslims are bad people and that most of them are really nice and kind.

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