Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA?

The CIA is an intelligence body that majors in providing the president essential information concerning the state. The CIA is under the government of the United States of America and it is headed by intellectual directors. Recently, the CIA is said to tend to divert from its work of giving the president prompt information, and noting is being about it by president Obama.

On December 30, 2009, Ray McGovern, a retired CIA analyst who had served 27 years in the Central Intelligent Agency, published an article called “Are Presidents afraid of the CIA?.”In his article, he discusses about the undeniable fact that presidents are afraid of the CIA.

Claiming that, he shows some evidences to prove his point. Firstly, he analyzes president Obama’s carefully respectful speech towards CIA on a TV show (McGovern, 2009). Moreover, CIA Director Leon Panetta audaciously asked the president to intervene with the Attorney General’s investigation. Next, he states that CIA being described as “an operational and at times policy making arm of the government” in a President Truman’s document.

Then he provides his strongest evidence, which is the Truman Papers that revealed the secret behind the JFK’s assassination. In his papers, Truman accused Allen Dulles, CIA Director during President Kennedy term, for having his hand on the president assassination. The motivation is the President’s refusal on approving the use of U.S combat forces (McGovern, 2009). After the Washington Post posted Truman’s opinion about the JKF’s assassination, Dulles failed to convince Truman retract his words so he fabricated a false retraction.

Finally, McGovern includes James Douglas’s book as his supporting evidence. Douglas conducts some interviews along with “abundant evidence” to claim that CIA operatives contributed in President Kennedy’s Assassination. 

President Obama is assumed to be afraid of the CIA. This is seen when a CIA director called Panetta sent him a letter telling him not to allow the reopening of a criminal investigation of CIA interrogations (McGovern, 2009). Panetta is always against the release of investigations, and he prefers most occurrences to be hidden from the public. He was also against the reopening of the 2002 torture memoranda. The president pledges for a new era of openness while the CIA director is not ready to spill everything to the public. He has his own reasons that it won’t be appropriate to give away secret operations to the public in the name of living in democracy.

The CIA director and other officials could not stomach going to court and filling a suit against the president. Instead they wrote a letter informing the president that it is inappropriate for him to go against what the attorney general had already passed. These were the investigations of the torture memoranda (McGovern, 2009). Three of the seven CIA officials were involved in the cover up of some illegal operations. These officials were Michael Hayden, George Tenet and Poter Goss. These illegal activities were torture, illegal eavesdropping and assassinations of certain individuals.

When president Obama was asked about the reopening of the investigations and the letter sent to him, he was always polite and said that the CIA directors and officials need to be respected, and that they are looking after an organization that they had dedicated their lives in. (McGovern, 2009). The president meant that he was not ready to interfere with a foundation that took many years and a lot of effort to build. He simply referred to the CIA.

President Obama keeps on telling the nation that nobody is above the low. This is ironic in the fact that the CIA directors need to be investigated. The president is not ready to give an order for the investigations to commence (McGovern, 2009). The president is the commander in chief of the armed forces. He is the one who gives orders, and sees that everything is under control. He has the powers to put all perpetrators of violence behind bars. This is not seen in the Obama (McGovern, 2009). He is scared of the CIA and its directors. What is forgotten is that the attorney general himself is the one who picked Durham a federal prosecutor two years ago to investigate on the whereabouts of 91 tapes. The tapes destroyed by the CIA contained evidence of detainees who were of high value.

 Durham is in hot pursuit of the case. On the other side the CIA official, Holder is in no hurry. Nothing seems to worry him. President Obama keeps giving signs that he is not ready to cross lines with the CIA .That is true, the president is afraid of the CIA, because if he wasn’t he won’t just sit and watch(McGovern, 2009). In America there were only two presidents who faced the CIA directly. These were the late president John Kennedy and Harry Truman. To make matters worse, there is evidence that is building up that the CIA at least took part in the assassination of President John Kennedy. It s evident that president Obama is just like a dozen of past American president who were afraid of the CIA.

The CIA had been reported of diverting from its work of keeping the president promptly informed, and had become a policy making body of government (McGovern, 2009). The CIA body tends to divert from the government and has become an independent body not officially, but secretly. The CIA is headed by a bunch of selfish individuals who want what is best for them. It has been years since the creation of the CIA and the beginning of the misuse of its powers. For several years no American president had the guts of questioning the secrecy of CIA. Those who questioned were dealt with. Sources say that President John Kennedy demanded to know much about the CIA and this led to his assassination.

Allen Dulles a CIA director in the time of President John Kennedy got annoyed when then the president refused to approve U.S. combat forces (McGovern, 2009).This caused Dulles to set a trap for the new president. Handwritten coffee stained notes were found after Dulles death. The notes had drawn plans that drew the then president Kennedy to allow the use of U.S. combat forces. It was the CIA directors who had their own plans of bringing the United States to conflict. These directors were Allen Dulles and Richard Bissell who was the deputy.

The president discovered the plans of CIA and told a close friend that he will scatter the CIA into pieces, and throw it into the wind. He fired Dulles and many others who took part in the plans (McGovern, 2009). This annoyed Dulles, he therefore planned his assassination. There is not so much evidence that the CIA took part in the assassination of President John Kennedy, but a few conspiracy theories lead to that direction. President Obama is heavily relying on the advice of Gen.David Petraeus who is believed to be his nightmare come 2012.

The article tends to give more information about the secrecy of the CIA, but most of it is just conspiracy theories. Investigations in the CIA have never taken place; this is because of unknown reasons. The author of the article gives information of the CIA that has no concrete evidence. Therefore, it is still not evident that the CIA is above the law of the United States of America or the president. The president always says that no one is above the law.

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