Aristotle Political Work

Part One


Aristotle asserts that a man is more of a political animal than is any bee or gregarious animal. Aristotle insists that people are looking for a common good. That is, people are organizing everything in the society with a purpose of attaining social justice. This systems distinguishes what is just and what is unjust. Bees and other animals are social, but they do not have a system of social justice like human beings; thus, they are not political. This organization of social justice shows that human beings live in a political system.


What Aristotle meant by this quote is that human beings are the most rational animals in the world as compared to other animals. It is because human beings preplan all their activities and protect themselves against harm. This does not mean that other animals do not protect themselves, it is implied that they do not safeguard themselves purposely from possible danger.


In this quote, Aristotle is making a clear distinction between pain or pleasure and rational discourse. In this case, rational discourse is the prediction of harm or what is unjust or just. However, pain and harm is a real sensation which can be expressed in a rational discourse signifying what is just or not.


According to Aristotle, human beings distinguish themselves from other animals because they can tell what is right and what is wrong. However, animals also live in its own social system with a certain distinction of what is right or what is wrong.


Aristotle states that it is the community that creates a household leading to a city. To support these views, Aristotle indicates that human beings want to live on their own principles, but it is these principles that bring people together. It is because people need each other to survive. As a result, they become closer to each other as a community in order to form households that lead to a city.

Part Two

A good city is the one that human beings try to create better opportunities for each individual. Additionally, Aristotle states that people need each other in a good city to survive; for instance, when a woman and man come together for the purposes of reproduction. One of Aristotle’s theories states that each community is a result of a reasonable cause. In the light of these words, it is a community that forms a city. Therefore, when human beings form a community for the good cause of their own, they create a good city. It is true because nowadays everybody wants to make use of every opportunity thus creating a good city.

Another theory of a good city is that human beings rather want to live on their own but in the process they end up depending on one another. This results in human beings becoming closer to one another thus demonstrating mutual readiness to help.

Lastly, a good city has just social systems that protect citizens from injustice. The theories of Aristotle indicate that a good city is one that is morally upright. In this situation, the social system that defines what is right or wrong helps to protect city from becoming a sinful city. Therefore, the theories of Aristotle of a good city are true and they are also applicable at present times.

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