Awkward Partner

The paper has in giving various convincing facts proved that the notion that UK has been an awkward partner in EU has some level of truth in it. Irrespective of the benefits the country has been reaping from the community, it is clear that this has not changed the kind of relationship it has with the EU. It is this strained relationship that has made the UK to be described as an awkward partner within in this union. This paper thus examined this preposition using a number of illustrations from the various instances in which the UK portrayed either positive or negative relation towards the European Union.

It made it clear that Britain has never enjoyed a peaceful relationship with EU. First, as a world’s imperial power, the country has found it difficult limits its focus to Europe. Equally, being that the country never participated in the formation of the Union, it had to adjust its policies to fit those of the union which had been made to benefit the initial members. Additionally, the country had a bad relationship with France which was not for its joining of the Union. Moreover, Britain was not ready to denounce its relationship with the US. However, the situation was further complicated by the fact that even the Britain citizens were also not satisfied with the issue of integration and thus remained greatly divided over the issue. It is also clear that both the labor party and the conservative party governments had reservations in joining the integration.

Based on these facts, the write up has concluded that it is therefore true to say that Britain has been an awkward partner in the European Community.

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