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Liberalism refers to political philosophy that is mainly concerned with the liberty of individuals, their rights and freedom in the struggle for existence.  It is generally based under two main principles. These principles are: Liberty and individualism. The two principles allow the stemming of the foundation of various liberalism elements.  Liberalization as a philosophy tries to argue that individuals when given freedom by the society are bound to make rational decisions as they are free to do so and hence maximize their potential. Liberalization thus revolves around freedom of expression without any speech of individuals. A democratic government, a mixed economy, government that has its powers checked by relevant institutions and the general rule of law that prevails.

Liberalism as a political philosophy can be divided into social and classical liberalism. Social liberalism works towards ensuring that governments are responsible for the well being of its citizens in all spheres of life and those individuals enjoy their rights and freedoms without regulations. Liberals that support social liberalization argue that freedoms are best exercised when the government is able to provide basic commodities and social welfare to its citizens coupled with good laws. Social liberalism therefore encourages the state to be totally involved in the daily lives of its citizens and ensure that they enjoy their freedoms without restrictions. Classical liberalization on the other hand argues that individuals should not be forced to do against their will and that when the government interferes in matters of the economy it is a restricting force to people to exercise their rights. Classical liberalists argue that the state should not be involved in the economy or lives of individuals i.e. a leissez faire policy that calls for minimum government intervention. Some classical liberalists like Adam smith and David Ricardo believed in the law of natural order in a free society and no interference from the government From this argument we can establish that liberalization shows how people relate to the state in matters of liberty and realization of individual rights.

Every development in the history of mankind is due to active liberalism in one way or the other. It brings forth equal rights and liberty to every individual. Within the liberalism philosophy, positive movements intended for prosperity may be achieved. These may include; human rights, press freedom, unrestricted free markets, a system of free and fair elections, democracy, constitutionalism, freedom of speech and religion and also capitalism. These aspects of liberalism make it the best philosophy to adopt for any political group as it offers hope to people. On the other hand, feminism is a philosophical movement that intends to define, establish and defend equity for women in political, economical, and social fields. This methodology therefore majors on women’s issues and may not work to the best of many individuals (particularly men) in a given community. Another form of philosophical view is socialism. It is the political philosophy which campaigns for collective ownership of production and other social amenities. Most individuals prefer private ownership of property and therefore adoption of socialism may hinder progress as most people do not have incentives to produce. Finally, fascism is an autocratic system of government which puts national interests ahead of individuals. The system is oppressive in nature and do not offer hope to people. Therefore, liberalism provides the best interest and hope to people as it advocates for personal development and achievement.

Generally liberalism works with an outset of negativity in relation to liberty. Individuals are able to do according to their will without interfering with others and thus it promotes more liberty with its few restraints. Liberalism requires various issues to be considered for the purpose of bringing it into existence.

The main issue is to ensure the successful implementation of its major strengths. It main strength for instance lies in its great emphasis on individual human rights. If individual human rights are given the first priority, liberalism would then come into existence comfortably. It is also essential to figure out a way of preventing its weaknesses from taking over in the process of promoting the existence of liberalism. Its main weakness that brings a threat in the existence of liberalism is the extreme fear of Spirit.

Liberalism and authentic spirituality can ensure a better future if given an opportunity to work hand in hand. Liberalism can thus be brought into existence successfully if it is made up of a combination of the best individual rights and spiritual orientation. It can also be implemented best if tolerance to lifestyle diversity is promoted particularly in individuals since they can hardly thrive if the environment is hostel. Liberalism should also be set in a manner that it allows individuals some time alone so as to promote individuality effectively.

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