Border Security


The issue of border security in the country should be given priority especially now since that elections have ended. The government needs to look into this matter urgently.


Immigration issues do not only concern the USA Mexico border. Almost every inch of the USA border is a potential entry point for illegal immigrants. This country cannot claim to be sovereign and autonomous if it does not protect its citizens. Protection should be from both internal and external forces. It is paramount that all citizens feel safe in the mother land. This bill offers a chance to increase security in the country.

Options and Criteria

By exercising greater control at the border points, the government will have eyes and ears on all people that enter the country. There will be a lower risk of terrorism threats since no harmful person will be allowed into the country.

The issue of drugs has troubled this country for a long time. Drugs are normally smuggled inside through the Mexican border. This is one of the most notorious routes and is even used for global distribution to places such as Europe and Canada. This bill will curtail this illegal trade hence saving millions of lives that could be lost to drug abuse. For a long time now, there have been rumors that the police usually aid drug traffickers to get drugs into the country. According to this bill, homeland security will shoulder the responsibility of employing personnel to man these border points. This will ensure that the people in control are morally upright and will handle the issue in the right manner.

One cannot ignore the ramifications of the Latino populace in the country. In the last ten years, the population of minorities has increased rapidly. The greater proportion of this was from the Latino community. Given their number, they can no longer be referred to as a minority. Their influence to the political and economical decisions is increasing as their number rises. Soon, almost all decisions will be influenced by three racial groups, the whites, African American and Latinos. It is this future prospect that makes this bill even more fundamental to politics and governance.  While it is not an attempt to please the Latino voters anymore, it seems to be the right and honorable thing to for a country that prides itself to be a haven for people from all walks of life.


Efforts to amend immigration laws have been long awaited. After 2007 when efforts collapsed, most people in the country lost hope. However, the new talks of reforms have rekindled these hopes. This makes this bill all the more important to the country. Over the last few years the government has deported over a million illegal immigrants, most of them Latina. These are men and women who had dedicated their lives to the country. Most even had jobs or were in schools. It is hence rather inhumane to rid someone of prospects of a good future and send them back to the very land they were escaping. Instead of deportation, the government should figure a way in which these people can be integrated into the society. After all, the country is also benefiting from the manpower that these immigrants are offering.


The Republican Party is not popular with the large portion of immigrants. The past republican administrations have not been lenient immigrants. This has led to a bitter relationship between the two. This is a chance that the democrats can exploit to their advantage. By signing this bill, the president will put the party in favor with illegal and legal immigrants, who make for close to 25 million people in the country. Popularity is always an added advantage for a political party. The costs of implementing this bill may be a bit costly due to all facilities and equipments that are required. However, the trade off is better securing and a sense of belong for all people living in the USA.

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