Boston Fights Drugs

Boston is one of the major cities in the United States of America. Its current population stands at 625,087 people. This population makes it the nineteenth largest city in the USA. Boston city’s influence by far exceeds it size. Boston houses a burgeoning market for illicit substances. It is a major distribution joint of drugs. Thus, its welfare is being threatened by the continuous use of drugs amongst the youth and other affected groups in the city. The number of drug related cases is on the rise. It represents an inestimable number of illegal businesses ‘black market’, finding their way through the city and eventually all over the USA. This business is attracting many illegal drug barons and dealers due to the high profit margin enjoyed in the drugs trade (Henderson 22). The Boston authority is prepared to tackle the problem head on. Several laws have been put in place to try and contain this problem that threatens the wellbeing of the residence. A lot of research has been carried out in order to help in ‘de-marketing’ drug in the city. Seminars have been held all in the name of trying to educate the public about the consequences of using drugs.Various neighborhood groups have taken center stage in the war against drugs. The main objective of the different programs is to send a message to the youth of Boston.

Drug use model came up with strategies to segment the public. They were divided into four groups: nonusers, experimental users, regular users, and the drug-dependent individuals. This way was not highly effective because it didn’t deal with the real users and there were a lot of assumptions. For instance, not every child in the bracket of ten to thirteen has little exposure to drugs. Some of the little kids may be doing drugs as early as nine years. Furthermore, talking to children most of whom have never used drugs could lead to shoddy findings or no findings at all. However, the research helped in identifying the different groups of people and the probability of using drugs in the long run (Lawrence 7). Yes, I would have used focus group methodology because it gave one a rare chance to interact with participants. In this manner, the participants, some of who are drugs users, gave you a firsthand account of the happenings in the black market, as well as the possible solutions to the many problems they face. It also gave one the room to express their feelings and also provided a wide range of views.

Focus group methodology provided useful and highly reliable kind of research methodology. A range of opinions and experiences are represented and it provides an insightful discussion. The questionnaire was well-designed and structured, and the questions-to-be-answered provided the group with a wide range of information about their study participants. The questions asked gave the group glimpses of what the youth in Boston valued and the effects of their culture. It also gave the researchers a rare opportunity to interact with drug users and get to know which would be the most effective ways to campaign against drugs. It provided dynamism as to how the participants felt about their future and their personal experiences, thus, giving suggestions as to how they can stop using drugs. Participants help come up with strategies as to how de-marketing of drugs can happen. It provided the researchers with glimpses to most of the solutions. It gifted researchers with ideas on how ad campaigns can be used to de-market the use of drugs. It was not the best methodology as it had a lot of shortcomings. Its shortcomings were that the people interviewed who were between the ages of 10 to 18 only represented a small population of Boston’s school going population. Again, it states that the recruited participants were from community centers. Not all people aged 10-18 go to the community centers for recreation, thus, did not capture the views of all users. To be more effective they should have involved both community centers and support groups.

The exhibits got valid data to support the research findings. For example, exhibit one shows that the ‘black market’ is thriving even under the watchful eye of the authorities. Having used over one hundred and twenty five billion dollars to purchase drugs shows that there is a ready market in Boston and other parts of America. Increase in crime has been triggered by drug users having an impaired judgment after using them or finding money to support their behavior. Exhibit two shows that the least affected people are the whites. Blacks, Hispanic and other races are the most affected. This is well represented by the number of the school age children. It can be concluded that although whites are the least affected, people from all different walks of life have been stuck in drugs. Young people are the target customers of all this illegal stuff as it is clearly shown that they are the most addicted and likely to try using drugs. Drug addiction can cause an increase in crime rate. This is because the user will have to find a way of having the purchasing power to buy drugs. Through the findings of this research, they are threats held as well. First, not all the solutions will hold up as some of the problems given might have been cooked up. Some people might have used the opportunity to get some extra income in real sense are not users.

The idea of pre-test advertising has both negatives and positives. The group came up with a strategy that will show the real situation and not only flash messages on the advert. This will have more weight as people will pay attention to a well-crafted advertent, not some writings only. The ad was also used to educate or as an eye opener to the youth rather than command them on what to do. Some conclusions may be drawn from this. For instance, use of action in the Boston neighborhood showed that people like to see something real and not some exaggerated adverts. It showed how much influence good adverts may have on the target group. Through adverts, the speed at which a researcher may get data or information is very slow. It also shows that these methods are time and resources consuming, therefore, not highly reliable. The team should champion the course of action which they think is best for the city. Through the actions they will be able to reach far and wide, and have more effects on the fight of drugs. Having collected all the possible problems that drug users face, they have an upper hand in fighting drugs.The fight against drug should be preached in every street in the city. The drugs business only helps a small few while, million others are left suffering either directly or indirectly. It is a big call to think that we can completely kill it because some of the most powerful men and women are in it. Drugs kill and everybody should stand up to this evil business and join hands in fighting it. Unity is strength, thus, once the whole world is united nothing is impossible. Let everybody, sick or healthy, old or young stand up against this vice and we shall succeed.

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