Current Intelligence

Current intelligence is a field that deals with up-to-date  means of fighting terrorism, crimes as well as with with the use of modern weaponry in times of war. In the current century, a lot of nations are taking all measures to establish strong and reliable forms of intelligence which can be able to handle a rising number of crimes and terroristic acts. There is a need to implement the most modern intelligence mechanism since the ways in which terrorism is committed nowadays are constantly changing . Intelligence agencies are a department of the government. They also share the problems that the government experiences (Diaboli, 2011).

The Second World War became a new turning point for military intelligence which is a part of the current intelligence. Since the war, the advancement of this branch has been tremendous, especially in the 20th century, as new methods and technologies have been adapted to suit the changing times (Finnegan, 2010). After the war, the warring nations were in high demand for accurate and timely information regarding the war zones and battlefields in particular. The demand caused the creation of new sources of intelligence. A warring nation possessing accurate and timely information had the upper hand in the war as this was advantageous for a command centre (Finnegan, 2010). In the later years of the war, it was understood that intelligence information acquired from airplanes was credible; it affected the conduct of a battle positively. The nations which had these intelligence data made progress and the war kept favoring their side.

Intelligence in the 21st century is way ahead of what was seen in the 19th and 20th centuries. Most often, Western countries are on the forefront in implementing modern current intelligence systems. The military involved in peace enforcement needs proper war intelligence mechanisms which can be helpful in providing any relevant evidence on crimes against humanity. They are also important for keeping possible casualties and damage at a minimal level (Herman, 1999). Developing countries are inferior in current intelligence. They heavily depend on the most developed countries in the matters of modern weaponry. Their vulnerability to terrorism is caused by the  lack of proper technology.

Recently,  crimes have taken various forms and have increased in number. Constant adjustment and improvement of intelligence is the only solution to this problem.  Intelligence agencies engage spies who carry out their activities under cover. They provide valuable information which is later used for arresting criminals. Interception of communication in electronic communication systems, such as mobile phones or the Internet, is also another way of finding required information which gives the lead to culprits of a terroristic act (Diaboli, 2011). Especially, high technology is used for tracking and monitoring  suspected culprits. Calls are traced back, and a clear location of criminals is determined. Then, appropriate bodies take immediate actions not to lose suspects.

As main figures in any country, presidents need to be highly protected. Intelligence agencies are forced to have the most modern technology to carry out this duty. The involvement of the FBI or CIA plays an important role in making investigations and ensuring that civilians are not in danger of terrorism. Being government departments, these agencies carry out their operations among civilians acting  under cover. Disguising an agent’s identity from terrorists or criminals is necessary for effective fulfillment of tasks. Employees of intelligence bodies have to take intensive training so that to be in a good position when any danger arises. The experience gained throughout the training is vital, taking into account the high risks agents are exposed to in their daily routines. The preparation also provides them with appropriate knowledge and skills which help identify a crime and thus, offer protective measures against it. Modern technology has greatly enhanced the efficiency of detecting a crime. By means of modern intelligence, the world has also benefited much in terms of security.

Current intelligence is a vital component in any government. For its effective functioning, proper funding and modern equipment are required. Special agencies provide security intelligence to senior government officials who are involved in policy making (Finnegan, 2010). Modern intelligence also helps to deal with terrorism and high rates of crime. Military intelligence is necessary for a nation to be able to defend itself from enemy attacks. During wartime, proper conveying of information about an enemy is an important service the military should arrange in order to have the upper hand in a certain war. Therefore, current  intelligence is necessary for any government.

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