The essay is based on the Rogerian method of argument. The speeches from both former president Reagan and the current US president Barrack Obama, it is true that the speeches demonstrated the Rogerian style of argument.

The former US president Reagan illustrated how the US economic crisis would be wholesomely averted into significant economic variability that would embrace positive development. As an economist, he was certain of delivering the best from the available resources.  Despite facing strong opposition on the matter, he managed to convince the opposition, but also embraced the friend’s points of view in order to create a common understanding between the parties.

The speech by the current US president adopted the same theory to enhance his campaign by then. This increased his chances of being in the White house. A consideration was necessary; this was a strategic company tool that neutralizes all the other factors that would have lowered chances of winning the presidential. The essay states the application of Rogerian method of argument is analyzing situations within the US political arena.

Terrorism and the corresponding losses in economic development, within the states and cities are signs that call for immediate address within the global perspective. However, to avert the scourge, it calls for response and consideration in all aspects of the study. Despite the adverse effects of terrorism, it is adept that the terrorists declare their interest so that the respective countries would consider specific reason and factors that would be addressed so that the act would be perfectly understood by the electorates and other members of the society.

According to the audience, the pain of losing partners and bread winners in families interferes with both economic and academic performance, hence the members of the  terror group should  be brought  to book for the  history  or the country. I would recommend that, members of the same faith associated with the act be collected, interviewed and forced to produce evidence that would be useful in enhancing proper security plan that caters for the poor and the rich.

However, the culprits should be brought to book and act as an example to the rest. This would enhance security within the global scope. Rogerian perception is peculiar and essential in the global perspective since the directives are of significance in enhancing economic and development within the global perspective. The theory would still be used due to the truth and reality depicted within the information content.

Commenting on a classmate’s speeches

According to Elvis Zdionic’s speech, it is adept to reiterate that the, speech is well done in accordance to the requirements of the Rogerian speech since Elvis demonstrated the effects and reasons that necessitate the possession of guns within the USA. The bill or rights are one of the causes of  illegal possession of  firearms within the  USA, illegalizing what has proved to the part and parcel of the US citizens would not embrace the bill of rights. Through the adoption of the bill or rights, it is adept to persuade the general public to stop the use of guns and other ammunition is, so that economic development would be achieved especially through the investors. He reiterated about the information obtained about the history of gun and gun use in the USA and in conclusion, he reiterated about the source of the gun problems which originates not from the firearms but for the inmates and jailbirds to take advantage if the robberies so that a lasting solution would be achieved.

Comments ion Mary Kane’s speech

The essay according to Mary Kane, is not accomplished according to Rogerian method of argument since there are no distinct signs of persuasion, the student claimed that prayer should be conducted under personal demands. However, the essay is not concerned with a global   or national phenomenon since prayer is a personal effect that everyone is able to accomplish at their own time; this makes the argument irrelevant according to the Rogerian interpretation methods.

The story does not involve the audience in any way content of the discussion does not dwell on the issues that affect the common man hence lack of imagination could be realized through the essay since there is myriad information that concern the common man with high demand of a solution to avert the situations. In addition, the essay content dwells on a narrow scope without encouraging the audience inclusion in the whole study.

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