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Part one

No country in the world can be fully independent. A country has to get the goods that they cannot produce from other countries. Also, they have to find a market for their surplus goods. Global supply chains are hence essential for all countries to find enough goods and services for their citizens. Since countries will have to enter into an agreement with each other, there is a lower likelihood of them going to war. This is because of the economical and financial implications that war poses to different countries. An example for this would be China and Taiwan, or India and Pakistan.

One way of disrupting terrorist groups is by sharing intelligence between countries. Nuclear weapons are a threat to all countries if they are in the hands of terrorist groups. Hence, if countries joined forces in the fight against terrorists and nuclear war, there is a greater chance of success. The capabilities of individual countries in this quest might be negligible. However, if all countries joined hands, the fight against terrorism will prevail.

Part two

It is true that all countries focus on economic development. They hence struggle to keep cordial relations with business partners. The example on China and Taiwan’s computer hub is a valid one. This has helped end a long rift between the two countries. Countries should hence focus on growth rather than war.

The sentiments expressed about ways of keeping nuclear attacks away from terrorist are a bit vague. People do not necessarily join militia groups to seek financial stability. Most of them do so because of religious beliefs. However, some points are valid. These include the use of media against terrorists. By filtering out information circulating in the media, terrorists will lack information to facilitate their attacks. Also, we should employ more efforts towards the fight against terrorism.

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