Functions of National Political Parties

In the USA, there are two national political parties: the Democrats Party and the Republican Party. At the national level, one of the functions of national political parties is to run candidates for the presidency as well as for Congress positions. Every national political party has a national committee, which is made of elected party leaders. These individuals vie for various political positions in the Congress, while the chairperson of the national committee vies for presidency under the party’s ticket (Naegeli, 2012).

The function of national political parties is also to join different people (from a national level), who hold similar views about the government. The entire group works together in influencing other people to elect the members of their affiliated political party in government positions. This way, national political parties are able to participate in governance of a nation as well as influencing government policies (Naegeli, 2012).

In addition, national political parties act as government watchdogs on behalf of their members as well as voters in general. Since national political parties are able to run candidates for presidency and Congressional positions, they are able to participate directly in the government. Even when a national political party does not successfully run its preferred candidate for the presidency, it still manages to gain quite a number of seats in the Congress. The members of the Congress ensure that checks and balances are maintained in the government (Naegeli, 2012). In case of any hitches, elected national political party members in the Congress are usually the first one to ‘blow the whistles’ to the public.

Currently, the USA is preparing for national elections that will take place in November this year. As always, the Democrats and the Republicans have dominated the presidency and the Congressional races. The Democrats already have a preferred presidential candidate, Barrack Obama, while the Republicans are undertaking the primaries in order to nominate a suitable presidential candidate. They include Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Both the Democrats and Republicans’ candidates for both presidential and Congressional positions are undertaking their campaigns with the support of their national parties. During many campaign activities, party supporters from both national and state levels are usually accompanying the candidates. Therefore, it is clear that the current candidates are conducting their campaigns with their national and/or state parties’ support.

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