Government Powers

Like other governments, the federal government of the United States had to keep her citizens under control during the WWI. There were mixed opinions and feelings towards the WWI but the Germans provoked the government of the U.S to consider joining. This stopped the reconstruction that was taking place in America from the late 19th century.

             Woodrow Wilson initially created neutrality for the nation of United States and it appeared like America would not enter the war. However, the commercial shipping line was under threat by the Germans and this spark interest in the war. Although it was a difficult war, the U.S. Government expanded its powers.

            The USA generated a lot of advanced technology like tanks, airplanes and machine guns and employment in general. The WWI led to industrial revolution in technology like aircraft, electricity, automobiles, aircraft and the market at large. However, the country was left in debt. The country also had high taxes for its citizens after the war.

            Even though the country was left in debt, government control over wartime production was necessary. The war workers did a commendable job that found a healthy position for the country in matters of politics, wealth, economy and power. The draft laws involving free speech led to laying down of systems that propelled the nation to the present times.

            Generally, it was necessary and fair for the government to do this during wartime. Any government should have the authority to take unusual actions during wartime. The government is supposed to protect its people and speak on their behalf. If the government did not get into the war, then the results would have been catastrophic considering the commercial shipping line was under threat. After the war, the workers in America had the best of work conditions when compared with the other powers involved in the WWI.

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