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Andrew M. Cuomo, son of former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo, was elected as the 56th governor of the state of New York on 2nd November, year 2010. He was the former attorney general where he worked to restore the public trust in the New York government. He also worked so hard to protect the interests of the New York people. His character and his dreams for the people of New York can be seen from his first State address. In his speech, the main point was to urge the Government of New York to reconsider its services to the people and try and address the upcoming problem when there is still time. According to him, the approach being used currently is out of date and very slow in terms of delivery.  He pointed out that New York has to adopt new perspectives in order to sustain quality service delivery to the people. 
In my opinion, Governor Cuomo was seeking to win the trust of the people and to show how New York has failed the people of its people more so in terms of state spending. In his speech he mentions tax so many times in a way to show that taxes are affecting the people of New York. He seems to be so much alike to President Bill Clinton. He seems to be working and urging the people of New York to work together and bring back the glory to New York City. The promises that he made are meant to: reinvent, reorganize and redesign the New York government.  The governors’ message is good to the people but it depends on whether the promises he was making will ever be brought to action. In many cases, politicians tend to promise so many things the moment they get into a leadership position but they later become too comfortable to deliver their promises. To me, Governor Cuomo has served the people of New York as their attorney general and has helped to stop corruption and in the same way I am sure he will deliver.
Though Mr. Cuomo seems more or less a politician, I liked his approach and his dreams for the people of New York. Borrowing from his past, he can deliver all his promises. The best bit is the way he promised to change operations in New York. Seeing the government spending cut, is one thing I would really appreciate. This is the tax payers’ money used in a bad way. If at all the money was used wisely, the people of New York would be better off.  I also liked his promise in setting up a single financial regulation department that will look into the operation of banks and insurance firms. I can’t wait until the banks lending interest is cut down and the way they harass the people who are not in a position to clear the loans on time. The insurance industry has become an avenue for exploiting people here in New York, read a newspaper and you must get a complaint on an insurance firm, with such department, everything will be streamlined.
Generally, his speech was full of promises; he had put himself in the shoes of other New York people. It is such kind of a leader that New York needs. Someone with the dream of changing the way things they are and restore the beauty, value and the trust the people had on New York. He promised that he will work on creating three commissions which will offer recommendation on how to cut down by about 20% the state government agencies and the current authorities. Cuomo also seemed to promise on working with the commissions in order to remove the most costly demands on the New York local government. The Medicaid will also be reduced to a smaller figure say $2 billion. In order to implement these changes, they must be addressed by the legislature. According to him, there will be a creation of a one regulatory financial department that will deal with insurance, banking, and the protection of consumers. This will help in protecting the people of New York against dishonest practices in the insurance and banking industry.
He also promised to encourage the state government to offer extra 250 million dollars to the local governments, and the same amount to the districts schools. In the local government, the money will be used to strengthen their operations and ensure quality services delivery. A local goververnment without enough resources can’t be able to do much to its people. For the schools, the money would be for development and also will act as a motivator to the schools to perform better and deliver quality education.
If I was the Governor of New York in the place of Mr. Cuomo, I would still follow his steps. I would work on strategies of curbing government spending, write the proposal to the state government for an increase in the money given to the local governments, and select a financial board that will con troll the operations of insurances and banks. One thing that I would add in the list of Mr. Cuomo is restructuring all public service delivery channels. These include: public transport systems and public hospitals among others. I would also work on ensuring that the funds to the disadvantaged people in New York are increased in order to ensure of their well being. I would also work on strategies that would reduce the gap between the rich and the poor in New York. 

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