How Obama defeated Clinton

In order to fully understand the outcome of the Democratic Party primaries of 2008, it is important to note that the race brought two outstanding candidates with totally different backgrounds. As to Hillary Clinton, she had almost every advantage on her side ranging from financial resources to the popularity of her husband who had been the President for a whooping eight years. Obama, on the other hand, could be best described as a young starter who had virtually no inherited advantage to cling on and therefore had to rely more on anything, whether big or small that could help him through.

Having realized the limitations, Obama and his campaign team first and foremost had to be very brilliant in articulating issues, and in order to do that they had to master some of the arcane principle rules that dogged American politics. Having mastered these rules, they went ahead and literally foiled every step that Clinton made, something that worked to Obama’s advantage. One of that mastery was anchored on the democrats’ nomination process, which they understood deeply and used strategically in a manner that Clinton’s strategists did not comprehend or overlooked.  For instance, senior strategists in the Obama team literally went out and conducted rigorous research on those congressional districts whose primaries lay some months away. What they found out was interesting as it revealed that Obama had every opportunity at least to win delegates in those states he would eventually lose to Clinton.

Very many analysts have also attributed Obama’s triumph during 2008 primaries to his soaring oratory capability. Actually, it is inherently accurate to deduce that Obama was in his own league as far as oratory speech was concerned and he used this capability to sway a whole lot of delegates. However, oratory skills alone are  not enough and could blur our understanding of how other factors were employed to see Obama through. In line with this understanding therefore, one of the focal strategies that complemented Obama’s human ability was his careful planning throughout the period of primaries. He perfectly took advantage that presented itself in the democrats’ system of awarding delegates, which strategically allowed him to limit losses in those states won by Clinton while at the same time achieving optimal outcome in those states he won.

Important to note is that all the strategies demonstrated above converged at one point that was very crucial to Obama. The converging point was at the distribution of party delegates in each state, which by design represents significant variation from that of the republicans. Under the democratic rule, congressional districts within each state, which for several years have been pro democrats, are awarded more delegates than those with huge republican support. In this perspective therefore, congressional districts with huge support for democrats would have as many as eight or nine delegates for grabs compared to two or three delegates in republican dominated districts within the same state. Taking a critical look at this system one is able to find out that it is designed to benefit those candidates with huge support from the democrats. From the history of democrats’ elections, facts have it that there is not a more loyal group of democrats, than the blacks and Obama being the first black candidate was tipped to take advantage of this loyalty. Black districts because of this loyalty have the largest number of delegates and Obama easily won by a landslide in these delegates by up to 90%.

From the explanations above, it is accurate to conclude that besides his innate oratory capacity to sway people and win them eventually, Obama and his team conceptually developed and employed every possible opportunity that could work to their way without neglecting any. And eventually it paid off as he was victorious in the long run.                  

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