Illegal Immigration

Migration has been lately treated with a lot of sensitivity due to the fact that many immigrants either do possess the right permits to travel or documents of travel are not authentic as to warrant their entry in countries. In stating the controversies of illegal immigration, Freeley and Steinberg suggest a number of critical questions that need response such as: how many illegal immigrants are in the US? What is the impact of them and the economy? What is the impact on communities? Do they commit crimes? Do they take jobs from American workers? (2008) Do they pay taxes? All these questions would make sense in a way but are they all pertinent in fighting crime and allocating societies and the individuals’ equal rights and opportunities to amass wealth. Head in his definition of illegal immigration say this is the act of living in a country without government permission. In the US context, most illegal immigrants cannot be traced due to lack of documentation procedures, especially Mexicans who migrate to the US and recruited as workers in the US corporations.

Questions raised above on immigration are the major contributors to the controversial debate on immigration. Actually, the controversy over illegal immigrants may be less about illegal immigration than about immigration in general. Clearly, I find it very interesting to note that most illegal immigrants are aliens and actually live in the shadows in the fear of being deported since they may not be in a position to assimilate (Welch et al, 2009). The four major elements that are very important to discuss here are: 1) the effect that immigration has on the economy whether a burden or blessing; 2) how the flow of immigrants both legal and illegal affects the nature of mix of race and ethnicity; 3) how that flow affects the composite sense of people-hood; and 4) considerations of national defense (LeMay, 2007).  The above stated problems are also compounding the controversies that I had earlier stated but, while illegal immigration does not result in all the harms that its opponents charge, it certainly leads to some amount of consequences or problems. My understanding of this argument would be that the illegal immigration must be checked on very sensitive parameters in a way that discrimination does not take toll on genuine immigrant who have the permits to stay in the respective countries they have migrated into. For instance the communities and states around the Mexican border bear a disproportionate share of burden from immigration. It has been revealed that education costs rise as children fill the schools therefore health issues also come into play as the number of immigrants increases (Welch et al, 2009).

I must raise the issue that illegal immigration due to genuine inability to cope or survive with very limited and inadequate resources in certain countries warrant the immigration. This has also contributed to the increased economic status of some countries since the immigrants would do a lot of work for very little pay this implies that expenditure on labour resources is at its lowest levels and hence translated to the profits of corporation that allow the immigrants to serve. The illegal aliens have come threaten the borders and as such, I think border controls must be thoroughly enhanced. According to LeMay, it is suggested that the illegal immigration has dramatically benefited the US economy, but I feel that countries may not have ability to absorb large numbers of immigrant effectively. This means that the way to stop the illegal immigration by cracking down on employers who are used to or bent hiring illegal aliens by means of unauthorized cross border entries. In doing this, incentives for the people for the illegal immigrants will removed and can be reverted to serving other needful purposes.

In doing the needful, the employers in the various countries will have to hire legal citizens who can then be paid what they are worth in accordance to appropriate standards or rates approved by governments. They also will eventually pay their taxes as required.

It is argued that due to slack enforcement of laws with regard to border entry, many illegal immigrants have come with a number of negative effects that include: easy conduit for terrorism, massive escalation in crime; surge in foreign national prisoners to support for many years; increases multiculturalism instead of the nation building efforts; increases the number of traffic accidents; main contributor to surging pollution that definitely out stretches the economic resources that are available; destruction of fragile ecosystem; introduction of third world diseases; increase welfare costs and lastly massive costs to the entire economy.

When it comes to certain very negative impact, one especially considered here is terrorism that must be top of the list on agenda for controlling illegal immigration. Most of the times, people to different states with very genuine reasons but they must do that on purpose not to be identified or even spotted and questioned. According to the statement of LeMay, that within six weeks of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Congress, virtually exiled from their offices by an anthrax contamination incident and confronted by warnings of more terrorist attacks soon came and these were linked directly to illegal immigration. This in my view was a gap and there had been security lapse in the borders including the major airports and thus resulted to the easy entry of unsuspecting terror groups (2007). In my opinion, when older people are allowed to enter the country, there must be certified and thoroughly sort after transcription that indicate from where they have come, what in particular they have come to do and to disclosed almost every single detail about them, which in my view would not be very possible since in can end up infringing on their rights to privacy or human rights.

Other very important aspect that I insist on controlling illegal immigration is the use of drugs and the escalating crime and violence witnessed drastically in states and nations that were previously peaceful or very docile. The increase entry of drug peddlers and traffickers into countries of non-nativity has brought about the misuse and abuse of substances. In a number of cases that are recorded US Illegal Aliens .com indicate that rapidly growing crime has a high illegal alien participation this causes months if not years of misery for the victims. Supposing I was a victim of violent robbery with violence and the people who offend me are not apprehended but their IDs cannot be matched or traced on any federal system, implies that very many citizens are vulnerable since the governments are not sufficiently capable of identifying the aliens and tracking them. It is very important therefore that the issue of border patrol and controls be effectively handled in order to secure them against any unlawful entries. I know currently, in the US the fact many illegal immigrants are very much willing to do unprofessional job with low or no skill level is hurting most blacks who apparently have low skill levels but will not accept to do certain types of jobs.

In conclusion, I suggest that illegal immigration has to be effectively addressed by all governments since it will help to reduce considerably the rates of crime, resources misuse as well as rapid explosion in population. The impact of controlling the immigrations will in turn help the governments have check on their people, since you have small or relatively large societies that are manageable with the available human power and resources can then be adequately allocated. I think governments must work on appropriate methods of instilling policies that would requires

  1. Documentation of immigrants as well as targeting criminal who need to be imprisoned and removed or deported
  2. Target smuggling operations and make efforts to have proactive groups against trafficking
  3. Target worksite enforcement by increasing enforcement on labour markets and companies with unauthorized personnel
  4. Ensure the department concerned on immigration have leaders of integrity to ensure no visa and documents abuses

Lastly, I must agree that illegal immigration is very costly and therefore there has to be every effort put to do away with this process or actions that give room to its thriving. The costs are lately viewed as a drain on the citizens or taxpayers and very sharp strain on various states and local governments.

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