Illegal Immigration in America

Illegal immigration refers to the unlawful movement or continued stay of individuals in a particular state. America is among the global countries that experience the problem of excessive illegal immigration. Citizens of neighboring countries such as Mexico illegally or overstay in America beyond their required time. Research asserts that immigrants move into America with the hope that they would be employed and raise their standards of living. Illegal immigration has had various effects on the fabric of the American society. This is especially due to the fact that these individuals come into America with new habits that are not common among citizens. The effects of illegal immigration on the fabric of the American society include increased social crimes, has led to population increase in society, has increased the level of drug trafficking and consumption in society, has affected the healthcare system in the society, and has led to the decline in the quality of education in the American society. With these effects, the government has put in place several measures to curb illegal immigration. For instance, it has emphasized on deportation and arrest of these immigrants.

This essay explicates the effects of illegal immigration on the fabric of the American society.

Social crimes such as theft have increased due to illegal immigration. There has been a large number of illegal immigrants coming into America.  According to Bacon (2008), most of these individuals lead impoverished lives and come into America with the objective of being employed and improving their standards of living. When they enter America, they do not secure these jobs as fast as possible and they continue to lead poor lives. The poor living conditions motivate such individuals to embrace anti-social habits that are unacceptable in the American society. They rob other individuals in order to acquire the resources that they require. This compromises trust and perfect relationships between American citizens and the immigrants. Research points out that  there increased animosity making co-existence between these two groups unstable. On the other hand, some American citizens take advantage of the illegal immigrants and rob them of their belongings. This is due to the feeling that such citizens are not supposed to be in the country and need to be punished. Increased crimes propagated by illegal immigration have compromised the levels of security, which hampers superb relationships in the society. Thus, illegal immigration has affected has compromised the American society’s value of living a secure life.

It has led to a drastic increase in the American population hence expanding the entire society. Illegal immigration entails the movement and overstaying of a large number of people. Some of these immigrants move in with their entire families, which has played an instrumental role in increasing the levels of population in the society. Most of these immigrants continue giving birth while in America without the adherence to the national policies on family planning. The high birth rates among illegal immigrants are responsible for the increase in the level of population in the society. Research reports indicate that the increasing levels of population have led to excessive pressure on the existing resources hence leading to abject poverty among these immigrants. Most of them end up living in dilapidated structures within the country. West & Institution (2010) assert that this gives rise to the rise of class in the society. Many of the illegal immigrants are not able to access the resources in society and lead impoverished lives. Immense increases in population in the American society have contributed to the increase in poor living standards and anti-social behaviors within society. Population increases have also increased the level of competition in society towards all the resources.

Drug trafficking and consumption has increased in the American society because of the presence of illegal immigrants. Open borders and lack of adequate security within the borders facilitate illegal immigration. The open borders are loop-holes that have seen the increase in drug-trafficking and consumption in society. This occurs when some of the immigrants pretend to be innocent and carry with them illegal drugs such as Heroine. Increased illegal immigration has led to the increase in instances of drug trafficking in the American society.  LeMay (2007) reports that youths have been the key targets of the drugs that are illegally brought into the country. Increased drug trafficking is commonly evident among the illegal immigrants moving from Mexico. Social values in the American society have been compromised by the increased consumption of such drugs especially among the American youthful population. Research asserts that this has led to an increase in deviant behaviors in the society as most of the youths grow into addicts. Addiction to illegal drugs hampers their health and they are not able to make concrete contributions to the society. In fact, they become a burden to society instead of contributing to its continuity. This has retarded most of the activities within society that could have been achieved with sober youths.

The education standards of the American society have been compromised with the increase in the number of illegal; immigrants. The coming of illegal immigrants increases the levels of population in society. Research indicates that the large number of new children that are born need to access education in order to succeed in their upcoming lives. Thus, most of the public schools in America experience the problem of excessive number of students. These students are difficult to manage and teach effectively hence compromising the standards of education. Most of the public schools in America are reported to have an excess number of students than they can manage to handle. This has led to a decline in the quality of education that is passed onto American students. Furthermore, most of these public schools have reported acute shortages in the funds needed to provide quality education in society. This means that there is lack of adequate resources in such schools hence contributing to a decline in the quality of education that is offered. This has increased in efficiencies among American students attending public schools that have been overpopulated by illegal immigrants. In effective education has contributed to poor training and qualifications among students attending public schools in America.

Illegal immigration has hampered healthcare standards in the American society. Most of these immigrants move into America with infectious diseases that are likely to harm most of the individuals in society. The diseases that are carried have contributed to increased cases of sickness in the American society.  According to Waters, Ueda, & Marrow (2007), this has negated the stable healthcare standards as most Americans acquire the disease. Health services have to be stretched in order to cater for both the American society and illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants huge expenditures on healthcare services hence denying the American society the privilege of enjoying their own services. In addition, the government has been forced to provide excessive amounts of funds to cater for the health of immigrants. This has in turn retarded the growth in healthcare infrastructure in the country. Tax payers in the American society are forced to bear the weight posed by illegal immigrants by contributing  a large amount of funds to maintain their health standards. The American society is; thus, denied access to quality healthcare in their own country due to the prevalence of immigrants.

On a positive note, illegal immigration has contributed to population diversification within the American society. Immigration leads to the movement of individuals from different cultural and religious backgrounds. This has played an instrumental role in promoting cultural diversification in the society. Illegal immigration brings new cultures into the American society and encourages interactions among different sets of individuals.  The American Legion (2011) points out that illegal immigrants from Mexico come into America with their Mexican culture and language. Research asserts that these immigrants spread new languages into the country such as Spanish and African traditional languages. Multiculturalism has promoted free interactions within the American society. This is a positive contribution to the American society as it promotes the embracing of new cultures and promotion of understanding among different cultures.

In conclusion, illegal immigration entails illegal movement or overstaying in a particular state. The United States is one of the world countries that has been exposed to the problem of illegal immigration. Most of the immigrants are moving into America with the hope of getting jobs and improving their standards of living. Illegal immigration has caused several effects on the fabric of the American society. Most of these effects are negative and they include increase in the population of society hence pilling pressure on the existing resources in society. It has led to the rise of anti-social behaviors such as theft in the American society, which leads to lack 0of trust among societal members. IN addition, it has led to the decline in the standards of education in the American society. This is due to the overcrowding of students in public schools and pressure on the funds aimed at improving the levels of education in society. Healthcare has also been affected negatively, most of these immigrants move into the country with contagious diseases that are spread to Americans. Illegal immigration has also led to an increase in drug trafficking and consumption among most of the youthful Americans. This is a deviant behavior, which is not acceptable in the American society. On a positive note, illegal immigration leads to cultural diversification in the American society.

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