Immigration Debate

The matter of this essay is to position towards the fact of whether Mr. Godinez - Samperio should be allowed to practice the law in the United States. The critical thinking of this fact scenario addresses the issues of the other illegal immigrants, who remain undocumented in the United States after they spent almost all their life in this country. There are different opinions about this matter in the government and public authorities.

According to the recent video announcement by Illegal (2012), one of the candidates contribute to the understanding of what a migration is for such people and whether it should be applicable to their cases. Today, there are “1-2 million undocumented kinds in the United States”, which means that these people are all have been born here when they were too young to take care of the legal issues. After they are adults, they are to be taken to the court in case they do not have the social security number and hence be deported to the country they do not even know. As it was mentioned in the video, “If you treat young people, who have lived in the United Stated for all their life and you reject them and make them go to another country they do not know, you take them out of a culture that they love and contribute through their education and their service”. How can such a state of affairs be true and fair to them? Another aspect mentioned in the video claims that, “How can a 5-year-old child be responsible for a crime and any kind of an illegal act if one was brought here by his parents? Why should he go to the jail and be deported after he turns 21 and was stopped due to no way to have even a driver’s license?” Considering the fact of a long period of education, this should be critical to consider the fact of “not legalizing these people but give them a possibility to live and a permission to work for the sake of the country” (Illegal, 2012).

Thus, the evidence of an inconsiderate immigration laws about such cases should be re-evaluated in the favor of such kids, including Mr. Godinez–Samperio. Since he already have graduated and successfully passed a law test, he should be able to practice the law suit for the United States people. In other words, the Supreme Court should accept his case and actually allow him to work in the United States (Fair Federation, 2012).

The second video claims that, “The laws of the United States state that if you have come to the country, this does not mean you can do whatever you want if you do not have sufficient documentation, while being a true immigrant”. Another opinion about Mr. Godinez–Samperio states that, “His credibility as well as the authorization of his legal practice could be done instantly”. In contradiction, “the true value of the President Obama’s new program is exactly people like Mr. Godinez–Samperio, who managed to achieve success in education, and brought up here truly deserve for being a valid example of prove that claims, if he did it, you can do it as well” (Allen, 2012).

In fact, in case Obama’s program finally supports his legal license, he can contribute a lot more than a usual US citizen does. In other words, this is what is intended to be promoted for the sake of United States of America, as this is what it is all about. Thus, the case of Mr. Godinez–Samperio has nothing to do with the immigration laws.

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