The article “Immigration in Germany” explores how the recent multiculturalism debate in Germany is threatening its need for n immigrants. The article accomplishes this through analyzing debates abounded regarding the topic of study such as how immigrants are multiplying at an alarming rate that it is becoming  a threat to the country. At the same time, the article points out the measures taken to reduce tension between the natives and immigrants such as welcoming them into the country and reducing the stringent rules against immigration. The article explicates at length the problems faced with immigrants especially the children whose parents do not want to integrate them fully into the German culture.

In this article, the author is trying to prove how German’s multicultural debate is at loggerheads with the country’s need for more immigrants. This is so because the country’s skilled labor is diminishing; thus, the need to get more people to provide such services. In my opinion, German should trade carefully on this matter as history indicates Turks contributed immensely to its development as the country’s population has a greater percentage of Turks who can influence the development in the country. The author proved his point as he explicated the problems and at the end offered a solution, which urges Germans to embrace other cultures (The Economist Newspaper Limited, 2010). The author could have provided an exact number or an estimate of the population that moved to Germany in the 1960’s, as guest workers.

This article relates to other articles that I have read by its exploration of the problem that faces immigrants in the country that they move to.

“The United States v Canada”

This article explores the differences between Canada and the USA in terms of immigration. According to (EG, 2011), Canada has a high immigration rate as compared to that of the US because they believe that immigrants contribute to the development of their economy. In addition, Canada is less stringent with immigration as it is bordered on the south with a country that has high rates of income inequality, insecurity, and unemployment. However, the article identifies one similarity between the countries, which is pluralism.

In this article, the author establishes various points that promote Canada’s high immigration rate in relation to the US. Such points include the need for development of Canada’s economy and creation of jobs, which Canadians believe is facilitated by immigrants. In my opinion, the US should embrace Canada’s model as both countries believe in pluralism. The author proved his points as he indicated that Canada has a low population compared to that of the US (EG, 2011). However, the author did not provide more information regarding the US immigration laws in comparison to how he handled Canada’s issue.

This article relates to other readings I have done as it addresses the barriers eminent when a person intends to migrate to the United States.

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