Immigration is Good for a Country

In contemporary society, there is a heated discussion about immigration. In the United Stated, some Americans may think immigration to the host country is a disadvantage. However, as Steven Mackey says in his article, “Keep the Borders Open”, “History has shown that immigration encourages prosperity” (1). Therefore, the United States government should come up with measures that will encourage immigration. These measures include investments in infrastructure and research and development to reduce the barriers, and creation of a workable immigration offer to control immigration matters. If government does not encourage immigration, it becomes expensive for a country to produce the labor in meeting its labor market requirements. So even though some people may think immigrants may cause some problems, such as over population and unemployment, they are mistaken. If a country looses immigrants, it will lose cheap labor for its industries. The advantages that come with immigration far surpass disadvantages in a country like the United States.

Today people like to immigrate to developed countries, such as America, England, and Japan. This may causes over population, which brings some bad news for the locals. For instance, Americans did not need to pay a lot for their houses initially, because there were many houses for sale. However, today many immigrants have come in, and the houses sometimes are not enough for everybody increasing the prices. In this case, some Americans are not in a position to afford buying a good house. In addition, the public services such as the transportation system are strained due to congestion. In New York if people want to drive their cars to school, usually they have to spend much more time than walking. This shows how congested the transportation systems are. One of the reasons may be due to increased number of immigrants living in New York City, causing over population. According to “Immigration Benefits America”, by Steven J. Gold, “The consequences of overpopulation, including high real estate prices, overburdened social services, congested transportation systems and environmental pollution are widely reported in coastal cities and Sunbelt regions of the US” (2). Therefore, immigrants may cause over population, and this is an issue for the government and natives.

In addition, because many immigrant population in the United States, there is no enough work for everyone. This will raise the unemployment rate. Many immigrants from poor countries do not have sufficient skills; they have very low education standards. This lowers the countries literacy levels forcing the government to employ its resources in educating such people. Immigrants also work with very low salary because they only want to survive in U.S. The companies will prefer to hire the immigrants instead of natives, because natives are not willing to accept low salary as immigrants. Thus, natives will lose their jobs, and unemployment rate will rise amongst the natives. On the other hand, the government has to build more relief station to help the unemployment people. This will increase the government’s burden. Patrick Buchanan in his article, “Shields Up!” says, “When it comes to open borders, the corporate interest and the national interest do not coincide; they collide” (44). The highly educated immigrants come in to the US, and they need jobs. According to their home countries’ and America’s working conditions are favorable, they are very flexible and can accept lower pay for the services they offer. The highly educated natives sometimes cannot find a job unless they accept the lower salary. They end up unstabilizing the job market as they accept a lower salary. The competition created may render the natives jobless, raising the levels of unemployment amongst the natives.

However, even though there are some negative implications that come with immigration, there are tons of benefits when the country keeps the border open.Steven Mackey from his article, “Keep the Borders Open”, suggests, “It is not just futile but also foolish to build taller fences to keep them out” (2). One of the benefits is cheap labor. In these competitive time, every firm is doing all it can to increase the size of its market (Lehman par 3-6). The most common tactics used by firms to increase their competitive edge are quality of products, quantity of products and prices of products. However, reductions on its operational costs are very important. It plays a significant role to help the companies achieve their goals. Today many people like to immigrate to U.S. It increases the U.S. Population. Many immigrants have not graduated from university, but they can do unskilled work for lower salary. Some of them even can accept to work for so many hours per day, which natives do not want to do. In this case, firms can have more cheap laborers working for many hours. The companies can also hire more people by using the same operational costs. This eventually results to enormous growth of the companies. When the companies grow, the economy grows, too. According to “Immigration Benefits America”, by Steven J. Gold, “Less-skilled immigrants also contribute to Americans’ economic well-being... while making our lives more convenient and communities more lively” (2). More workers can finish the work efficiently; for example, a factory with many workers in will produce more products. Therefore, immigration is good for the economic growth.

In addition, immigration can help the country to have population that is more youthful. Steven Mackey says, “Most often migration is about young, motivated, dynamic people seeking to better themselves by hard work…… Prosperous countries with greying workforces rely ever more on young foreigners” (1). The US needs more youthful population to come in. They encourage prosperity and free movement of persons, which helps the rich world (Mackey 1). Many immigrant students study and learn more skills in the US, which ends up benefiting the country’s economy. When they graduated from their school, most of them stay and work in the US for at least 5 years (Executive Office of the President 2007). This helps the economy to grow quickly. On the other hand, natives can learn life skills from highly educated immigrants. (Gold 2). The government does not need to spend in training such immigrants. This skills ends up being useful in the country’s economy. In this way, employees or students can do better work. It is good for the country’s future, the development of society and the economic growth. Therefore, immigrant population, especially young immigrants are very significant to the country’s economic growth.

Immigration apart from causing overpopulation, unemployment, and political instability, it has a variety of merits which outdo the demerits. It encourages prosperity, youthful population, cheap labor and the development of society. All these merits translate to the economic growth of a country. This confirms the statement that “If we lose immigrants, we will lose cheap labor, a youthful population, and economic growth.” I think the government should come up with policies that will encourage legal immigration, because it really improves the development of society.

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