Industrial Promotion Policy 2010

On 20th October, 2010, Madhya Pradesh government introduced the “Industrial Promotion Policy 2010,” which requires upcoming industries to reserve 50% jobs to the citizens. The policy which took about two years to prepare is to be notified in 30 days. It offers grants, sops and incentives to novel investors, special laborers zone and special package for Indians (non-residence). Industries privately acquiring land will receive 50% concession diversion. State government will abolish dual taxation. The handicapped and destitute will be covered by the policy (Trivedi, 2010).

Does Competition Benefit Health Insurance Subscribers?

Affordable Care Act imposes rigorous new regulations on health Insurance Market, especially individually purchased or small-group market. NAIC submitted recommendations report for minimum loss ratio that must be met before 1st January also requiring a portion of premiums by insurers be paid as medical benefits; small-group and individual market and large-group market 80% and 85% respectively. The policy was not as important or should have been imposed progressively as rapid imposition may generate untoward or unanticipated side effects. It is aimed at reducing small insurers’ consequently decreasing competition. It has many loose ends (Reinhardt, 2010).

Trade policy the only tool left for America: Capital Economics

With exhaustion of conventional tools for economic growth and reduction of unemployment, the U.S. has only one option, Trade Policy. This lowers U.S. trade deficit through forcing China to surrender unfair trade advantage by imposing import tariffs. Conventional tools saved the world economy and facilitated U.S. GDP growth. With high unemployment and slow growth, the tools have lost value in U.S. China as largest exporter grossly under-spends consequently taking away U.S. and economy. Trade policy will increase U.S. market locally, to China and globally shifting market power to U.S. However, it is a risky move incase China reiterates (Li, 2010). 

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