One of the reasons why John F. Kennedy was an effective politician is because he had a vision for his country (Henretta & Brody 273). One of his visions was to arouse all American citizens towards fighting the challenges which were the results of the Second World War. Those challenges included economic and race inequality, science, space, and foreign affairs confrontations. Kennedy also had a vision of defending human rights in America and in the whole world. Kennedy urged world leaders to cooperate in the direction of peace and to use science for the benefit of human kind instead of using it to terrorize them.

Another reason why John F. Kennedy was an effective politician is because he had good decision-making skills (Henretta & Brody 531). When Kennedy took the President’s Office in 1960, he demonstrated his prowess in decision-making by re-organizing the White House. This was to enable him to occupy a central position in decision-making, as opposed to his predecessor, where many decisions were outside his control. A good illustration of Kennedy’s effectiveness in decision-making as a President of the United States was his approach during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He skillfully engaged in negotiation with the Soviet Union while at the same time, consulted the Executive Committee, which he had formed to help him to make a decision concerning the issue. Within thirteen days of negotiation, the Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved. His decision-making style was composed of teamwork and compromise.

John F. Kennedy was an effective politician because he had effective communication skills, which he used for the dialogue with the Americans, as well as interact with them. Kennedy would engage in conversation with his audience, where he would focus on speaking to the people as opposed to speaking at them (Henretta & Brody 69). He would easily bond with different groups of people, where he would share his values and experiences, as well as listen to their concerns.

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