Letter from Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King was not only an American clergyman and activist but also an exceptionally well know leader. He spearheaded movement that sort for fairness and equal treatment for all blacks. He is famous for his contribution to all the civil rights activism globally. He advocated for the use of non-violent methods concerning the fight for justice.

According to Martin Luther King, anyone who breaks any unjust law that they believe is unjust on the basis of their principles, and who readily acknowledges the punishment of imprisonment in order to provoke the community’s conscience over its inequality, is in actuality demonstrating the highest reverence for law. Martin Luther king believed that there were both just and unjust laws in the community. A just law was one which exercised equality legally. Therefore, people had to be willing to stand up and fight against these unjust laws. In addition to this, he urged people to exercise direct and non violent ways of demanding their justice. “Sometimes a law is just on its face and unjust in its application”.

According to Luther, an unjust law is one which is out of accord with the moral law of the community or the law of God. Moreover, an unjust law degrades human personality by giving a group ultimate superiority over others. It is a code that a majority group in a community inflicts on a minor group in the same community. This code, however, is not obligatory on its own. Finally, an unjust law is whereby the minority group is denied the opportunity to participate in the enacting of the unjust law.

The willingness to accept incarceration differentiates civil disobedience from other forms of law-breaking. Anyone fighting for justice should not try to avoid punishment rather they must accept imprisonment as a means changing the unjust law. This is because; the rationale of nonviolent direct action is to incite a predicament that will compel so that the unfairness of laws can no longer be disregarded. This argument depends deeply on the association of politics with God’s rule. It is with because of this rule of morality law that the restriction to break all laws that are not God's laws may seem problematic to some individuals. Therefore, it is essential that people take time to establish the relationship between law, morality, and religion with regards to freedom and justice. This was the right move for the blacks because using violence would only cause unnecessary bloodshed.

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