Liberty in America

Before the colonial settlement there was no liberty for the majority of Americans. There was a lot of oppression coming from the colonial masters. During that time Americans did not have a bigger say on matters of governance and other important national issues. The number of nationalists during the period before colonial settlement was quite low. Most of the activities of nationalists were suppressed. The freedom of speech and other liberties were severely curtailed by the colonialists. The colonial settlement was the beginning of more freedom for the majority of Americans because the colonial power had been eliminated from the territory. Benjamin Franklin was therefore right to note that “where liberty is, there’s my country.” This is because Americans had come a long way in their struggle for liberty. The period after resettlement so the removal of so many obstacles that were hindering the development and freedom of Americans. For instance the elimination of laws that denied African Americans the right to participate in voting. (Foner, 2005)

The balance of power especially in the congress was also aiming at increasing the participation of Americans in matters of governance. This is because of the increased representation. Increased liberty meant that more Americans could participate in the governance of their country. During the Reconstruction time most freed men were eligible for participation in politics. However the slaves and some African Americans were illiterate and therefore they could not participate in politics. (Foner, 2005)

Slavery is one crucial issue that had diminished the freedom of some people in America. The period of reconstruction so an end to slavery hence the freedom of people from the minority communities like the Black Americans.

African-Americans were now more than ever able to speak out their voice in the country against issues such as racism that had prevailed during the colonial period. Most African Americans were now able to express their interests to hold public offices. The removal of civilian governments especially in the South brought a lot of freedom for the majority of Americans in the areas that had been worst hit by such an unpopular system of government. In such places as the south people were now governed by more democratic principles and systems unlike in the past. The period was marked by a lot of cooperation between the North and the South. This was in solidarity towards supporting the process of reconstruction of America. Such cooperation enhanced the liberty of people especially in decision making concerning reconstruction programs. (Fitzgerald, 2007)

Lincoln is one important leader during the reconstruction who helped to unite the people. The unity of America was also a very important aspect that led to more freedom in the country with more opportunities being created for the people. Americans needed unity more than ever become to tackle the bigger task that was awaiting them in the reconstruction process.

The black men who were army veterans were also on the agenda of Lincoln. He supported the need for the army veterans to be given the right to vote based on the significant contribution they had made towards their country in terms of defense.

Overexploitation of people in the country was coming to a halt during the reconstruction time. There were more bargains for the labor that was offered to the lucrative masters.

Economic independence in  the minority groups was also realized by individuals being involved in negotiations over the amount of money they were to be paid. (Etcheson, 2009)

This later own led to economic independence and the empowerment of the young local people.  Social autonomy was also a very important aspect during reconstruction time. Before the reconstruction people did not have freedom to choose  the type of place where they preferred working. Before the reconstruction, Americans especially those of the hard copy had been denied an opportunity to decide on the amount of freedom they aught to have had. African Americans were not required to show empowerment in various ways. This is because the colonial masters wanted to maintain their political influence in the region. With them being allowed to participate in the democratic process liberty was being witnessed in America. Concerning workplace reports, it is important to note that more African Americans were now allowed to participate more than ever before. They therefore resulted to exposure and increased freedom. Labor relations touched on the lives of so many people in the country. The changes in labor relations that happened and the need for more people to participate in institutions shows the greater impact the training would have achieved. (Foner, 2005)

In conclusion, Americans had longed for more changes in the governance of their country. This was not forthright coming during the colonial period when the colonialists dominated over everything and curtailed individual rights and freedoms of the people. People who were slaves in America at that time suffered in the hands of their masters but with the coming of the reconstruction the slavery issue tried to end with more attention being put on the rights to vote amongst the people. Liberty and more freedom was witnessed with the increase in the number of nationalists who were also pushing for radical reforms. Based on the numbers of people who had enjoyed liberty and freedom, it is important to mention that the freedom in America had reached out for more people based on how they reacted towards other cultures. Indeed as mentioned by Benjamin Franklin, liberty had been a reality and had reached out to so many people in America.

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