Nuclear Power

The use of fossil fuels to drive the economy is a challenge that the government are trying to solve. Not only are the fossil fuel reserves depleting causing the cost of this form of energy expensive, but also increasing pressure from the environmental protection agencies to reduce the pollution associated with them. The increase increasing pressure has caused the government to invest in alternative energy to fuel the industries. Electricity, solar and wave energy are projects that the government has been focusing on, but they have considerable demerits associated with them. Nuclear energy is a method that the United States has been using to fuel its industries. Nuclear energy has brought mixed reaction over the years especially after the nuclear plant accident in Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant.

The article evaluates the impacts of nuclear energy on the environment. Several factors need to be considered before selecting an alternative form of energy. Public health and safety being used in the decision criteria. The security and cost of implementation is considered in the research. The investment in nuclear energy as an alternative energy may reduce the carbon emissions related to global warming, but this does not necessarily translate into a safer globe. Dangers associated with nuclear energy may result to greater risks to the environment (Roush, Wade, & Karen Watson. 42).

The increased construction of nuclear stations puts the environment at a risk due to the nuclear accidents caused by meltdowns in the plant. The increase in terrorist activities against the United States exposes the citizens to mass radiation risk in case of accidents. Radiation waste has significantly greater risks associated with it compared to fossil fuels. Reversing the effects of radiation would take the globe a longer time to recover compared to fossil fuel pollution. From the article, it is evident that nuclear energy is a short term solution to the energy crisis with long term effects (Roush, Wade, & Karen Watson.50).

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