Obama Cancelled NASA's Project Constellation


  • In 2010, President Obama cancelled NASA's Project Constellation, a project aimed at returning to the moon. In this time of economic uncertainty, should the United States financially prioritize NASA due to its historical and international significance?

Summary of Opposing Views

  • In the current economic system priority should be given to health care programs which are underfunded leading to inequitable health care access.
  • Education programs are suffering from serious underfunding, which is compromising the future of a successful America (Sterner)
  • The NASA constellation project undermines the current state of the economy by mot recognizing the gaps existing in the expenditure budget.
  • Showing might to the world does not necessarily benefit the ordinary struggling US citizens who are jobless.

Statement of Understanding

  • Indeed, there is need to boost the present education programs financially, especially at the tertiary level where research efforts require funding.
  • Currently there is wide disparity in health care due to inequitable access to health care
  • Under the current state of the economy, there is need for proper prioritization to be done for the sake of humanity.

Statement of Your Position

  • The Space program is important in maintaining US’s role as a super power by showing technological enhancements that will benefit the whole globe.
  • The program will see through the continued improvement of the current space station manned by the U.S.
  • The program will provide more information on future possibilities in the space that may benefit humans
  • With the current population explosion, there is need to explore other possible alternatives for exporting the human population to decrease depletion of natural resources.

Statement of Contexts

  • Employees working at the Kennedy Space Center risk losing their current job positions, which will affect their livelihoods (Kremer)
  • Significant amount of money has already been spent in the implementation of project constellation: $9 billion to be specific (Kremer)

Statement of Benefits

  • The implementation of the NASA constellation project will deepen understanding of other resources available in the outer space that can be used for the benefit of the human population.
  • In the current economic situation, even though the NASA constellation project appears to be extremely expensive, the future prospects should not be undermined.
  • This project will make use of the new scientific approaches that have been developed over time.
  • $ 9 billion is a significant amount that has been spent; hence, approving the project will make economic sense despite the current state of the economy.
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