Obama's Answer for High Gas Prices is Class Warfare

High gas prices seem to be a part of President Obama’s policy. Giving a speech at Nashua, NH, he mentioned that the country enriches the gas retailers by filling the gas tanks. President tries to get the nation dead set against the successful American businesses, while protecting tax exempted government dependants. Obama tries to persuade Americans to take a step forward and encourage the Congress to stop oil-and-gas industry tax deductions. Any inexperienced college freshman knows that tax increase for the energy productions leads to the rise, and not to falling of the gas prices. President Obama’s actions seem to be totally anti-economic, but completely political. Few years ago, the US Energy Secretary announced it was all about reaching the European gas prices one way or another. Government tries to make people start driving cars with low fuel consumption or use public transport. They also seek the way to make people accept high gas prices and subsidize the overpriced electric cars. President starts detrimental projects, like pond scum, followed by the countrywide job loss.

The article is rather contradicting. I believe we have to strive for the green planet, use the fuel-saving technologies in our cars and reduce the environment pollution; however, it does not have to affect our lives. We are free to choose the cars we drive, as well as the fuel we buy. I don’t believe our President’s political ambitions have to be in any way related to the nation’s welfare. The development of the new electric car concepts has to be sponsored by the big businesses, not by the government. In other words, why should Obama invest our tax money in the non-reliable corporate businesses, likely to flop due to their total unprofitability? If Obama is a real patriot, he should care about saving other people’s jobs, and not of his own.

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