Ongoing Maritime Dispute

Conflicts in the world are not entertained, and this is because conflicts threaten to turn into a full scale war. In most cases, the international community comes to rescue whenever there are signs of a conflict emerging. However, some of the conflicts in the world involve deep rooted issues and mostly claims of sovereignty over a region or a border. One of these conflicts in the world is the conflict involving Indonesia and Malaysia. This conflict regards the Sulawesi Sea over the Ambalat blocks namely ND6 and ND7. This conflict if not resolved in a most amicable manner can turn into a full scale military war, and all efforts have been put so as to end the conflict earliest possible.

There are a number of issues that manifest themselves in this conflict. Some of these are legal issues. For example, Malaysia has been claiming that it is the rightful owner of the region because there are series of documents showing the legality of her claim. On the other hand, Indonesia has been claiming that the 1891 Convention resolved that the area belongs to it, and there is no way it can give it up to another country. In resolution of this conflict, a number of issues have emerged. For example, China has tended to favor Indonesia during the resolution of conflict. This has made other countries interested in the issue demand that China should respect the two nations and stop interfering.

However, this is not the only conflict in the world, and one of the conflicts identified in this discussion is the Abyei conflict involving the two Sudan nations. There are a number of ways that can help in putting the Indonesia-Malaysia conflict to end. Three most important ways of resolving the conflict are ensuring that there is effective communication between the two nations and other parties, and the use of rational approaches and respecting one another.

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