Pace of Life in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of the provinces in Canada where the universal design is not well developed to support easy and simple living standards for all people especially those with disabilities who usually have difficulties in their daily activities accessing basic needs, services and the venues to the general public due to poor planning, coordination and the implementation of the universal design structures. The universal design – approach aimed to provide services and other facilities in public places accessible and usable to all regardless of their situation, age and ability is not developed in this province thereby reducing the rate at which people access facilities and services. Life expectancy has been promoted by the improvement of and wide utilization of modern medicines which has increased the survival rates of all the citizens regardless of their situations - disabled or otherwise. Life has been improved by the implementation of Human rights Act which requires government agencies, organizations, businesses and corporate bodies to make accessible their services and facilities to all without discrimination and whenever they are required including learning institutions, workplaces, theatres, shops, libraries, restaurants (Stephen and William 34).

Failure to oblige by the stipulations of this Act forms good and sufficient basis for human right compliant. This human rights Act applies to all fronts of people’s life’s either influencing their daily activities directly or indirectly inclusive of socio-economic, cultural and political fields. Through implementation of this human right act and other legislations have not only improved the quality of life in New Brunswick but also raised life expectancy of citizens in this province (Stephen and William 36).    

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