Physical Security

One of the main tasks of the government is the paramount responsibility of protecting its citizens. Whether it is from foreign attack or domestic attacks, there has to be adequate security for people to enjoy quality life. Such technology is necessary in the country to ensure total protection of the people. The thoroughness with which these scanners work will give a higher degree of surety on the safety of the citizens.

This technology should be implemented on all amenities where a large number of people frequent. These could be subway stations or airports. They should also be positioned at popular shopping malls and entertainment joints across the country. Most importantly, they should be placed at places where there is international travel. These include airports, sea ports and borderlines. This will prevent any chances of foreign attacks.

The private sector has the best interest of the country at heart. They want a secure environment that is conducive for business. In this spirit, they would allow for such testing. It will not only protect their property, but also their employees and customers. It is hence beneficial to both private and public sectors.

By preventing attacks that would be perpetuated by hidden weapons, these technologies will save human lives. Also, drugs and other harmful substances these technologies will detect. This will reduce the number of people who are wallowing in this vice. A reduction in the number of drug users is vital in the country. Infrastructure will be protected from malicious persons who might destroy them using weaponry that is detectable by the technology.

The September 9/11 attacks were preventable, if only such technology was in place. Such technology would have enabled scanning of all the passengers who boarded the airplanes. The terrorists would have been captured. The country would not have incurred all the financial losses that ran into the aftermath of 9/11. This technology is a necessity for the national security.

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