Political Beliefs

Politics is a very important part of the society; it has philosophical effects on the quality of living across all geographic regions globally. Since time immemorial, people have always held differing opinions on politics; albeit common values and beliefs exist between people, political socialization is dependent on many factors. This essay probes into some of the reasons people hold to certain political beliefs and attitudes.


Though most political views are formed during childhood, political standpoints are also affected by other factors; commonly referred to as agents of opinionated or political socialization. Firstly, the family is the primary subject that orients a child into politics; opinions of parents about politics matter a lot to their children. However, before a child takes a political standpoint, he/she must first develop a positive attachment with his/her nation. Kids view government bodies as strong institutions that have the capacity to protect them and the main political figure they recognize is the Head of Sate.

Education is also another factor that influences political attitudes on individuals. Children meet different friends, teachers and other staff in school who may influence their opinions greatly; teachers are respected by their students and are considered as credible sources of information. Once a child has grown, factors like religion, tradition and culture, which instill values in adults, are also important aspects in their support for certain political parties. Religion and tradition in adults is a matter of choice and they will always try to evade political parties opposing their traditional and religious values. 


Even if the family is one of the obvious agents that influence political attitudes in the society through children, it is not the strongest of all; education has the deepest influence among other factors such as religion, tradition and culture; through education, one is able to substantiate why he or she holds to a certain political opinion or belief.

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