Political Science Issue

1. The respondents in this questionnaire were mostly office workers, based on the findings of the questionnaire. This explains why they were mostly found in the category of managerial specialty. Indeed, they were dedicated professionals as indicated in the huge frequency for the professional specialty and managerial category. It goes without saying that they were people with lots of business interest as well as interest in academics. On the other hand, it is quite noticeable that only a few members of the armed forces took part in the survey. This denotes the lack of enthusiasm that often marks the face of the armed forces. This is basically because their jobs are not significantly affected by politics and that they are supposed to remain to whatever regime is in power. This is quite different from corporate businesses as well as their managerial teams. This stems from the fact that politics affects the way business is done to a very large extent. In addition, academicians are also significantly bothered by political issues given that they education is partially funded by the government or education loans approved by the political class. Indeed, the most demographic question here seems to be how politics influences people’s way of life. That is probably why agriculture and health did not record large percentages or frequency considering that they are likely to be retained. However, business is bound to change considering that people are fast adopting global business as a viable option. It is worth noting that the political class would be keen to modify the business environment in such a way that it corresponds with international standards. This is certainly unlikely to happen in agriculture, especially subsistence farming as products are mostly consumed locally.

2. The best way to collapse the categories is to link them up further. For instance, they can be grouped into business category that will compose of managerial category, clerical work and other business-related areas. On the other hand, production category can be created to fuse up farming and fishing that are basically production functions. It should also be noted that service category can also be introduced in order to take care of health and food preparation among other service economies. This, together with the armed forces will make up four distinct categories, effectively collapsing them. Indeed, it will make them a little bit easier to handles, especially for purposes of analysis.

3. This can certainly be done for spouses considering that it was based on taste and personal fears. It should be noted that spouses still remain independent individuals who can have different desires in life.

4. There are no asset holdings. However, the sales category suggests that there are debts.

5. The inclusion of service industry suggests that the job is a little difficult.

6. Disability income is benefits given to persons with disability for the purposes of self-sustenance. The other items would include mechanics and transport because disabilities are likely to arise from them.

7. I would definitely use armed forces given that they hardly find time for their children. In addition, it would suit health service providers and transport category.

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