Presidential Debate


President Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney engaged in a spirited and cordial debate that became technical at some point. At the beginning, Obama, Romney, and the nominees appeared to be confident and full of ideas to sell their bid. At some point, Romney stated that Obama’s policies would lead to a downfall of the government. On the other hand, president Obama stated that Romney’s policies concerning taxes were not favorable to an average American. Before President Obama gave his speech, he went through some of the things accomplished in the past four years. He stated that he had promised not to be a perfect president, but would always work towards ensuring a better tomorrow to its citizens on a daily basis. On the other hand, Romney stated that the President and he would take the government to two different directions. He stated that the direction that the president intended to take was likely to lead to weak job growth, rapid cuts to the military, and decline in Medicare. Some of The republicans agreed with president Obama’s policies concerning education. While responding to Romney’s policies, Obama stated that an intention by Romney to cut down taxes by 20% was a path towards reduction of federal education by the same margin. Romney while responding to Obama stated that he would not cut down education; instead, he would have 2 million teachers hired.


Romney stated that, during his term as the governor, it was so difficult to merge the cabinet since most of the applicants were men. As a result, it became necessary to have them going out to identify women who had a background to become cabinet members. He stated that this was the strategy to use while dealing with civil rights issues. On the other hand, President Obama stated that it was the responsibility of the president to ensure that equality dominates. Therefore, he planned to give equal opportunities to both men and women. Furthermore, his intention was to ensure national security to all Americans wherever they lived. As far as economic stimulus package was a concern, Romney engages the president in a debate concerning his promise to reduce the budget deficit. Obama stated that it was essential to have a balance between revenues and expenditure as this was the only way of dealing with the deficit. Romney claimed that it was difficult to have a balanced budget using taxation as a strategy. When president Obama stated that some of the institutions could have taxes reduced trough movement of businesses overseas Romney heavily criticized. Both the candidates discussed the taxation issue heavily. Obama claimed that the most vital point was that, for the past four years, he had seen the fruits of his labor in America’s economy. He stated that four years ago the nation was under worst economic crisis that commenced during the Great Depression. Since he became the president, he created up to five million new jobs. He criticized Romney that he believed that reduction of taxes alone would keep the economy moving. Obama claimed that it was also necessary to focus on training and education.

Concerning Medicare policies, President Obama talked about his grandmother who stated that he was able to become independent in life due to Medicare and social security. On the other hand, Romney assured the seniors that he was not going to initiate many changes to affect the retirees. In a report of things, Obama stated that Romney had stated that he would reduce meant for future retires. He claimed that he would cut benefits by $716 billion from set program. Although Obama had earlier mentioned that he would not have many changes on retirees, he amended his statement by saying that the current policies favored top most individual as it cost an average of $6,000 in a year. Based on political facts, claims by Obama to funnel $716 billion from the Medicare at the expense of the aging individuals was not true. The presidential nominee Ryan planed to increase the Medicare cost by $6,000 which most of the people in the US believed that it was a likely fact.

Obama commences foreign policy debate by accusing Romney as indecisive as far as foreign policies were a concern. Obama stated that his policy was straight forward as he intended to go after unscrupulous people. This motivated Romney who stated that he intended to give more economic development. Obama emphasizes on monitoring Romney’s past positions as far as policies were a concern. He emphasized considerably on ensuring a steady and strong form of leadership. Obama believed that countries with disunity such as Syria needed a strategic form of application to handle. Romney believed in unity talks stating that this was the only way for bringing them together.


During the debate, each candidate attempted to give their strengths and emphasize on policies that could make them woe voters. Obama claimed that Romney was not being clear on his policies and responsibilities if elected president. Therefore, Romney stated that due to his experience as a governor, he believed that he was able to lead the citizens well. He stated that he would emulate the leadership style of Regan Ronald who laid policies and principles and emphasize on working with the congress. On the other hand, Obama stated that, for the past four years, Americans had known that he was a democrat thus able to lead hem in a democratic way. He stated that leadership was not all about being authoritative but about listening to the views of citizens, analyzing them, and finally giving response.

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