Public Policy Issues

The health of a child is essential for effective learning. Health policies help to promote the overall hygiene, health and nutrition of children (Wilson, 2008). The policies address school violence, sexual harassment, abuse of students, and bullying, besides ensuring that there is a safe and secure environment (Denman, 2002).   Public policies also ensure that there is further education for expectant school girls, hence promoting equity and inclusion in the school environment. The policy is well developed through the involvement of the following agents: nation, parents, school, teachers, and the children (Wilson, 2008). The importance of health related policy to school age children is considered in this discussion.

The school related policies are very important to school age children as they promote equity and non-discrimination; hence make children to be good role models in the society (Weist, Evans, & Lever 2007). The policy also gives a clear structure to a secure, inclusive, and protective school environment, because children are protected from all forms of abuse, and even the pregnant schoolgirls are given a chance to learn with other children (Denman, 2002). These policies also provide clear rules on how children should behave in the school environment and to the society at large (Weist, Evans, & Lever 2007). This ensures that children can be able to socialize well and fit in the society. The parents and the community are actively involved in the enactment of policies.

There is a need to clearly show those who are responsible for the planning and intervention of the policy. If this is done, then someone will be accountable if the policy fails, and people will know where to turn to incase of a problem (Bundy, 2011). Secondly, the ministry of health should give priority to this policy as children comprise the most vulnerable group of people (Bundy, 2011).  At the moment, the health of children is not given much importance. The best way these changes can be remedied is by having effective management, training and technical assistance, adequate resources and positive staff morale. The ministry of health should also be made aware of the importance of giving the health of children a priority through public rallies and awareness.

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