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The year of elections in here again and the humongous debate is whether to re-elect president Obama back to the office or not. In this paper, we examine the chances of president Obama’s re-election on a scale of 1-10 basing on his successes and mistakes in the past reign. On a scale of 1-10, Obama stands at six, meaning he still has high chances of going back to the Whitehouse. Since his election in the year 2008 there have been several changes in the leadership of the America and these changes act as either his mistakes or successes. Rating Obama’s re-election chances at 6 means that in his reign, he has done more potent in playing his role as the president as compared to the mistakes he may have made.

Top on Obama’s list of accomplishments is the getting out of Iraq. In his campaigns for the 2008 elections, Obama made a promise to get the American soldiers out of Iraq and true to his word, he delivered it. Records have it that by the time Obama took office, 4,484 Americans had been killed in Iraq and 32,200 more wounded. The budget for handling such cases had grown, and it was not a proper reflection to the American budget. On top of this, America’s image was significantly tarnished as people viewed them as being cruel and inhuman (Turner 36). The capture of Saddam Hussein was a plus to Obama’s regime because with that came the end of fighting in the Muslim regions. Another notable success of president Obama is the new image of America in other countries. The start of the war in Iraq got support from various countries and people as it aimed at stopping terrorism. The September 11 attack gave America a reason to continue with the fight against terrorism as the entire world witnessed the criminal acts of the terrorists. Later on in years, war in Iraq led to evil coverage around the world with the revelation of some disturbing information concerning the war. The main issue was not whether the war was fair or not, but the whole idea made America base people in the picture with even the staunch Americans condemning the war. Since Obama took leadership as the president of America, this image has changed with ratings of increasing from the poor records of the previous times (Cobb 71).

Passing of the healthcare bill is one of the achievements that could see Barrack Obama back to office. In his manifestos, Obama promised to bring in to law the universal healthcare bill before the end of his first term. In as much as the bill almost cost him politically and his political party, he made true his promise and delivered it before the end of his reign. The world rejoiced when Barrack Obama announced the capture of Osama Bin Laden, the greatest terrorist to have ever lived. In his speech, Obama did not gloat over this achievement but thanked everybody who made it possible to put an end to the terrorism menace. Credit goes to him for making that order finish Osama, as it was a significant step taken in the fight against terrorism. Lastly, Obama’s outstanding achievement is his effort in preventing a depression. There have been issues with the growth of the economy, but it is indispensable to give him credit as he took over a house that was already burning down. The bills and laws put in place by Obama’s regime have ensured that America does not fall into depression (Cush 62).

In the event, Obama fails to make to the Whitehouse for the second term it is because of the fact that he failed to lead the economy. In the wake of 2009, Obama came up with various fiscal policies that were to maintain the economy but, unfortunately, these did not work. For the period of his leadership, the economy of America has been weakening leaving hundreds out of employment. According to his actions, Obama has chosen to fix the debt issue with the thought that this will fix the economy. To make it worse, the president cannot communicate understanding for Americans in economic distress. The Americans who support the president do not receive enough appreciation from the president and this may make him the least favorable candidate for this year’s elections. From the various instances in which the president had to play the role of a negotiator he has failed terribly. For instance, in cases involving the Middle East Obama has come as a poor negotiator as he ends up with zero points (Alter 56).

In the entire section, discussing Obama’s shortcomings it is evident that he failed mostly in matters related to economy. As advice to Obama, he should have focused on ways to better the American economy by putting in place working fiscal tools. The steps the president took in reviving the economy did seem to work but instead he went on to wait and wait with the belief it will be a success. Focusing on economy growth would minimize issues such as unemployment that has increased in the past four years. The best Obama can focus on in the year 2012 is a promise of a better economy in the next reign and come up with workable ways that will improve the economy.

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