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Different sources of communication play a significant role in the events that have a social networking framework by means of various organizations in Singapore. In fact, social networking could be used in order to improve the country in terms of its economic activity, global implications, sources of power in the government, marketing of goods and services, branding specifics, local and global enterprises as well as their marketing strategy, etc.

All the previously listed channels of communication serve as great sources in the world of social media and its marketing management in respect to the entire nation. Thus, social networking plays a significant role in the social media as a great source of influence. Thus, social networking has a strong impact on the behavior of entrepreneurs along with their perception of the economic and political conditions in the country.

Therefore, different cases of real entrepreneurs on the world market get use of the impact of social networking by mean of their stability, management practice, ethics, and many other factors that have a significant effect on the people lifestyles in Singapore. A special importance is addressed towards the means of entrepreneurs and their marketing policy in regards to the information through the mass media channels.

Today, the information diversity has become widespread on the contemporary marketplace; especially in the spheres of information publicizing that control the minds of a particular target audience by means of addressing various channels of social networking.

  • To identify the impact and rationale of using social networks to solve challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Singapore

Social networking plays a huge role in the government operations that address the behavior of different people. The sources of Internet, society and various traditions play a significant role in the management practice of entrepreneurs of Singapore. Thus, the public management covers the aspects of effectiveness and efficiency of the high-quality servicing.

Such process of the interaction by means of social networking reveals the legal framework for the entrepreneurs in Singapore to use all their resources of communication.

In all, the impact and rationale of using social networks could be mainly addressed to face the challenges by the entrepreneurs in Singapore. The major issues are connected with the challenges of contemporary government practice as well as the pressure and influence on people and their behavior within the country.

Social networking covers the constant role of the entrepreneurs to change the economy of Singapore. Finally, it addresses the issues connected with the ethical implications of involvement of people and their scope of work in the sphere of management practice, human resources and public events.

  • To evaluate how social networks can be leveraged to start/grow a new/existing enterprise in Singapore

The application of social networks reveals the key implications of communication of the top government people in Singapore. The challenge is to leverage the application of social networks in the sphere of power over the entrepreneurship in the country as a whole. The various sources of communication help people deal each other in the global processes.

Such approach admits the usage of social networking in order to generate the national and economic stability. It also projects the international impact of the government regulations on the choices of people and their use of social networking in their daily operations. The traditional approach is to address the future trends in the context of social media by means of global events that project expectations of the entrepreneurs in Singapore.

  • To examine the causes that render social networking as a medium of choice or not for entrepreneurs in Singapore

It is also important to analyze the information flow based on the means of social networking and from the perspective of “online friends”. In other words, people tend to choose social networking in order to access to a variety of information online.

Such information reveals different types of interactions as well as the workout of the information by means of social networks, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc. The entrepreneurs in Singapore tend to use these channels of interaction by means of influence on the minds of individuals through the channels of social networking. Thus, the position of social media becomes one of the top choices of the particular target groups, for example, entrepreneurs in Singapore that strive for the economic growth of the country.

4 j. Definition of the Five Key Terms

Social Networking

Social Networking is one of the major marketing aspects that are very important for any business sphere in the world. The reason is that marketing is a means of transportation for any organization no matter if it is a commercial or non – governmental one. In all, social networking is about delivering the information to the customer on the global market by means of using the internet resources, such as social and digital media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, etc.

Social media

Social media is an important means of communication aiming to  make people visit their public pages all over again. Such communication involves engagement, social learning, and the possibility to use the time better, which provides opportunities for personal and professional entertainment. Additionally, social media is about the possibility to encourage the dialogue, reach more people, and help them to go ahead on the professional curve, as well as to build connections all over the world by means of social media channels.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is known as one of the most used social network channels that help people all over the world to communicate with each other. Another popular social media channel is Twitter, though it is used for a bit different purposes, namely  as a means of advertising.

Both Facebook and Twitter social media channels are known as the best instruments of interaction that address the intentional goals of communication such as informing, connecting, attracting, researching, persuading, entertaining and expressing. These aspects of communication turn out to be of the major importance for all the people in the world of social networks.

For example, informing could be used for different educational purposes, including journalism, personal or professional training. The means of connections are used within the community, transaction and different portals. The attraction is one of the most challenging aspects of communication that are used by the vast majority of people in the Internet.

At the same time, various means of researching address the academics needs, and at the same time are  applied in the commercial spheres. Persuading could be used for the personal contact by means of social and money-making atmosphere. The means of entertaining also have a positive relation to the aspects of diversion, relaxation and / or recreation. Finally, the ways of expressing oneself are personal and could be addressed regarding the individual, social and / or cultural aspects.

In other words, people use digital media channels such as Facebook and Twitter in order to get along with other channels of communication that are widely used around the world. Therefore, both Facebook and Twitter could be used in advertising that is making people popular by simply clicking the comment button and pressing Enter to deliver the message to the target audience.


Communication is understood as the transmission and the process of obtaining the information over the conventional policy. In other words, communication is explained as the process that allows people to exchange various means of information for the reason that it is considered one of the most important human beings activities.

Communication is especially important in the sphere of business and marketing where everything is based on the evaluation of information. The next aspect is that communication is used for comparisons on the basic seven principles of communication that were mentioned previously, such as to inform, connect, attract, research, persuade, entertain and express.

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