Terrorism is an Illegal Use of Violence

Terrorism is an illegal use of violence and force towards a population or government. Terroristic acts are usually performed by a group of people who want to change a given situation in the society choosing violence as the only way to do it. Terrorism may result in destruction of property and loss of life. Therefore, it is important to stop terrorism in all of its aspects.

Terrorism has been facilitated by advances in the spheres of communication and transportation. The new technology has enabled creation of destructive weapons that can be used by the terrorists and cause a lot of harm. The law enforcement officers have come up with different methods to investigate terrorism. In such a way, the terroristic attacks can be detected before their occurrence. Some of the techniques used to investigate terrorism have brought positive results.

Terrorism can be domestic or international. Domestic terrorism involves use of unlawful force by the citizens of one country against other citizens of this country. International terrorism involves use of unlawful force by the people of a certain country towards the citizens of another country. It should be noticed that international tourism is a more common issue. Usually, people from a given country use force in order to change something in their society. Most cases of international terrorism were done for political or religion purposes.

 Specific types of terrorism include religious and race terrorism. Religious terrorism involves use of force by a certain religious group to change something in the society or government. Race terrorism is triggered by people who cause violence against people of another race. Hatred is usually the main reason that makes a large group of people of a particular race cause an extreme violence against people of another race. Ethic terrorism is where  people of a certain ethic group use violent methods of fight against another ethic group for a certain reason. Ethic terrorism may overrun one country and become international. Cyber terrorism is connected with computer attacks and destroying the data. Some computers contain very important information and, therefore, such computer attacks may cause a lot of harm to its owners.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that terrorism has become a widespread issue with the help  of the advanced technologies of transport and communication. Therefore, it has become much easier for the terrorists to come through different countries .The terroristic acts can be done within the country or internationally. Terrorism can be racial, religious, ethical and cyber, but, first of all, it is destructive. Thus, it should be investigated and stopped.

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