The Ak-47 Offer

A selected firearm and automated is the ak-47.It was developed in the Soviet Union in 1947 by Michael Kalashnikov. Ak-47 name did originate from Kalashnikov who is the inventor, and it is automatic rifle model of 1947. During the Soviet Union this weapon was made famous by the Soviet Red Army. Recently the ak-47 offer by the Nation Truck has hit news headlines in the United States. The truck dealership in Florida in Stanford is giving an offer where by each truck that has been purchased  will be offered a voucher for free to get an ak-47 firearm that is an addition to the truck pink slip (Jemes).

According to Ginetta the offer is not a Russian arsenal, but the ak-47 is paid after the vehicle has been purchased. The firearm is not given to anybody but to buyers who meet all the state and federal gun regulations and other precautions that the law requires. Ginetta says that his successful buyers will then be given the voucher that they will later be submitted at any local firearm domestic sellers. He also added that the Nation truck offer is not restricted to the ak-47 firearm only but potential buyers will be given a $400 rebate if the individual choose not to own the firearm ( This essay will support the Nation truck company offer by analyzing the offer contribution to the economy, security of truck owners as well the legal status of the firearm in the United States.

A business offer does play an important role in economic development not only to the company or the organization but also to the social economic status and the government position as well. Offers and promotion are much more than an advertisement because they do create awareness to the consumers on the product and the services that are being offered by the company. A good offer that influences consumers does not only boost the sales but also push the existing stocks to consumers and the current market as well. The ak-47 firearm offer by the nation truck has drastically increased its sale since its launch according to Ginetta as a sales manager in Nation Truck ( Ginetta says that the sales have doubled but also tripled and the number of customers has also exceeded his estimation as well. Ginetta therefore as a sales manager has achieved his goal, he had a brilliant idea that is excellent he has not only bit the sluggish economy in the United States but also did promote Nation Truck Company’s popularity.

According to Ginetta his promotion was not only aiming for truck owners to have the guns but also he was concern about the current sluggish economy in the United States. Being a sales manager he had to come up with a critical idea of promotion that was to boost the nation’s truck company earnings as well. He aimed at stirring up the market by bringing in controversy in the business, social and economic environment.

According to his idea one can easily make out that he did have a target group in the market, this target group may include the current truck owners, those individual who had plan to own a truck in the future and those who had an idea that one day the will own a firearm for their own security. The opportunity had presented itself for these target groups that will be part of improving the sluggish economy in the United State. Ginetta is happy since what he did target has been achieved through the promotion (Jemes). What else would the company need rather than success and popularity?

Through his promotion of buying a truck and get an ak-47 gun for free, did indeed hike the sale at that time,  and the more the sales a company has the higher its profit. The promotion did bring business to the company and thus the nation truck company is in a position to bring in more truck stock for sale. According to McDermott, Ginetta said the sale figures have not only doubled, but the company has also received new customers in the United States and outside as a result of the promotion, although it is not possible for customers outside United State to own the firearm but they will receive a voucher for Christmas shopping and that this is an indication that the  nation truck company has also gained the popularity in the market as well since the introduction of the promotion, Nation Truck Company is also receiving calls around the globe (theblogismine). 

It was a good idea when he did not put it as a must to be given a free gun but gave an option to his customers to decide what voucher they need. Giving a Christmas voucher is also another way that did boost his promotion. To him buyers who would want to purchase the truck within the promotion period and do not meet the requirements of owning a gun or they are not interested to have a firearm will be given the voucher to. This is also a contribution to the States economy since families will be in a position to not only own a truck in the festive season but also enjoy. For example a family would have decided to own a truck in the future to save for the season but this nation’s truck promotion caters for both.

Through the process that Ginetta customers will go through to own the firearm will further the company’s interaction with their customers hence create a long lasting relationship that will put the nation truck in high ranked motor company? The Nation truck company is also flooded with phone calls from around the globe. Looking critically at this promotion, there is increase in sales of trucks; increase in the number of truck sales is as a result of this there promotion which is a contribution to the current economic status towards the government through taxation (Swaine).

The police did confirm that the giveaway by the Nation Truck company is legal. The United State constitution has always been seen as a subordinate document since it was declared during independence. The citizens in the state are sovereign while the government is the servant. Therefore the ownership of guns cannot be easily taken away from the sovereign. For one to own a gun in the United State one has to go through the state and federal applications. Ginetta was not only concern about the company’s success but also focused on the ability that his customers have by determining their responsibility by under going the required application process, like the other firearms owners have been through (McLaughlin). Ginetta did acknowledge that the promotion is controversial although to him this does not send a wrong message since by this he is giving his customers to be able to assert their rights as citizens of the United States.

Ginetta was aware of the reputation the ak-47 has, and he has a surety that the massage that he has sent is not wrong because it is legal to own the firearm after the second amendment in the constitution. To him he is doing a promotion for his company and therefore one does not need to have a truck to own an ak-47. The government has given citizens and chance to own a firearm as long as one meets the states and federation requirements. For one to own a firearm has to pass in backgrounds checkups before getting the $400 voucher and hence this promotion was valid for the Nation truck company (

Security for truck dealers is also essential; truck owners mostly encounter criminals as they go on with their daily business. Police see this as a positive get away deal that will not only enhance the citizen’s security on their own but also a helping hand in the police force by the truck owners. The economic status did make Ginetta to launch this promotion but it is also this is going further in helping truck owners to fight their enemies. It is a crazy promotion but it as greater impact because the buyers are being trained on how the machine gun can work. Most buyers do prefer this ak-47 since it is durable even in extreme environmental conditions.

The truck purchasing deal and free ak-47 promotion is not a must to have an intelligence security of any kind. This may have been one of the reasons why Ginetta did use ak-47 ownership as an offer, Florida as a State has its own freedom, it has its own initiation to identify resource that the territory needs and thereby make it available for them. It is true that there are no places where one can buy a truck separately with the machine gun at a lower price. This is why this promotion has made the company to be in a hasty trend since its launch ( Florida is a state and therefore it has its own laws and decisions are made that are of importance to the state. Therefore Nation Truck Company therefore was doing this promotion to benefit citizens in Florida and the government as well based on the current economic status (McLaughlin).

What individuals need, are the gifts that they do not need and they are upgraded of which such gifts are rarely bought but still people need product. In the case of Nation Truck Company it did analyze their status as a company and so it wise to have this offer during this festive season. Most car buyers have the ability to identify and up graded CD player, but also respond fast to free-add owns as well, this is nature in human race.

In conclusion, looking at the ak-47 promotion it is one of the most ultimate upgrade, and in this case it is possible that most gun owners have hesitated to buy this machine gun maybe because of the impractical human killing stigma. Ginetta can be said to be one of the second amendment defenders as well as an economists since he sees this as a lifestyle to be adopted just like owning a vehicle. Further more if the promotion that a company has is legally right and does contribute to the social economic development individuals should have a positive view of the company’s idea.

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