The American Way of War

The American way of war became distinct after the cold war when they engaged in the nine combat wars. The first war was in 1998 with Panama through to the Iraqi war and the current one with Libya. Calculated decisions, careful planning, collection, and movement of the armed forces, use of ground and air forces joint, accuracy by well-trained military officers, characterize all these wars. These ways of war are not necessarily the required solutions to the situations. Concurrence of events forced the testing of the American way of war since the time the cold war ended and all the other wars it has participated in. There are many changes in the way the handle the wars depending on the situation. The American way of war does not work successfully in countries that are faced with political instabilities. These no state countries practice irregular war tactics. These are not the tactics used by the Americans. The Americans use technology and firepower in their wars. The problems may be rooted in the political and the military tradition of the Americans, (Record, 79).

The Americans have participated in many wars; some with big nations and others with small countries. The small wars were not fought to obtain victory over the opponent, but to punish, ensure protection, being able to achieve reconciliation and to benefit from the profiteer. The Americans have love for participating in wars. They do not rush into the wars. They wait for some time before joining the war. They love to win and that is the reason they plan their attack very slowly and carefully. The decision is never quick and the strategies are laid down with the safety of the personnel being the most important aspect. This speed helps them to be at the exact position where they are required at the right time. This speed has many benefits. The United States of America emerges the winner after a very short period. The numbers of casualties in such cases are very few and the damage done is minimal. However, the victory might not be exclusive and the troops might still gather and organize attacks, (Jarecki, 79).

The Americans have a network centric that combines the branches of the military to come up with a strong force. This helps in improve efficiency in all levels of the military from the top officers to those with the lowest ranks. As the information move down the ranks the fighting power increases as the operations carried out are more efficient. The Americans are still using their tradition capabilities, which include superior weapons. They are now shifting their war style from the system level wars like the world wars to state wars like the Iraqi to the latest wars involving organized groups like the Al Qaeda. This forces the Americans to improve the machines and tactics to be able to handle the different types of competitors they are up against.

The American warfare is strongly linked with the accelerating technology. They keep up with the pace of technology by making sure that they have the latest versions of war equipment used by the other nations. It uses the anti access plans where the enemy is under their control and they are closely monitored .This strategy is making the world to fear as  it seems like the Americans are in the verge of being the sole decision maker in the universe. This gives them the power to make decisions that affect many people. The American wars are highly dependent on modern weapons. They are always more equipped than their opponents. This is because America is ahead when it comes to technology advancements. Even though they claim that their personnel are the ones who matter most in the wars they have emerged victorious it is clear that their superior weapons play a major role. This has always been the case even during the cold war through to the world wars, (Record, 129).

The United States of America goes into war for a particular reason. They go into war to assist in solving a political situation where a certain person may be in pursuit. These leaders are very hard to pin down and these kinds of situations require good strategies to be successful. The intervention of the U.S.A has led to these leaders losing their power and others being killed or jailed.  Americans are fond of winning in any particular war that they participate in. Their main goal is to ensure that they do all they can to win without thinking of the effects of the force they are using affects the people. Their main goal should be ending the fighting and coming to a peaceful agreement, but they see fighting as a shortcut to solving a problem. Peace talks will follow after the war has been fought and they have won. The Americans do not see war as a continuation of politics. They see the two as different things. Although most of the conflicts in many countries are caused by political misunderstandings, the Americans see the two as separate issues and prefer to handle them differently, (Manhken, 98).

The Americans wars are accurate; non- theoretical issues do not drive them. The risks they take are correctly outlined. The weapons used are accurate and the political leaders are of great assistance as they set the objectives of such missions. The networked forces are easily available and with the transparency that exist then it is easy to change initial plans and conduct new effective ones. The weapons used when dealing with strikes causes a lot of mass destruction in the areas they are used in.

The Americans use a lot of force when a situation arises that may have been solved using any other method apart from using military force. This is because they have a history where they prefer direct approach to situation. The direct approach is waging war with the particular nation. They always take the earliest opportunity they get to destroy and paralyze the opponent completely. This helps in saving the lives of the Americans as the weapons used are air delivered weapons, (Jarecki, 99).

The involvement of the United States of America in many ways has led to increased enmity with many nations. There have been many attacks in the country and in many of its embassies around the globe. Terrorist is killing its citizens. This has led to international insecurity inside and outside the country. This means that the military have to change their operations and be more protective.

The Americans are not easily deflected from achieving the objectives they have set to achieve. They believe that a problem needs to be solved no matter what it takes to solve it. They are very optimistic and they have faith in themselves to be able to accomplish anything they want. The armed forces are the most commonly used in such times when something has to be achieved through military force. They believe that everything can be achieved.

The Americans are not rich in culture. This has affected the way they handle other people. The military personnel do not respect the cultures of the opponents. American war has suffered from this ignorance as they sometimes cause damage to themselves due to their lack of knowledge of the people they are up against, (Mahnken, 102).

The Americans are always prepared to go into wars with big nations or organizations that use the same military power to fight. However, in cases like the Vietnam and the Taliban’s that use non-military and low intensity war tactics, they are unable to win against them. This means that the American military should come up with personnel who can control and manage small organizations that do not much it in strength and power.

Most of the countries that go into war with the United States are poor and do not have a choice but to try and fight using tricks and attempting to outsmart them. The United States on the other hand are very rich and this is evident in their fighting skills. The United States fights a rich man’s war with many troops of men and modern equipments while the other party is poorly equipped.

The Americans are very impatient and are always rushing to finish the war in the shortest time possible then leave the place. They fight and immediately after winning, they go back to their country leaving the country to start building itself. This was the case in Iraqi; after winning the war, they left the country without enough security personnel to maintain the peace and help in bringing political stability in the country, (Engelhardt, 103). The American military is a regular in battlefields and most of its personnel are trained and prepared to be in a real war anytime. This is an advantage to them as the other party might be caught unaware and not fully prepared to go into war.

The American way of war has two sides to it the part where it is trying to help those nations that have internal conflict. Winning a war is the priority for the Americans after the defeat in Vietnam. They see that winning a war is the same as achieving the set goals. Although this is not, yet the Americas way of war it is slowly becoming one due to the way the current defense planning is more concentrated on hardware than software. It is all about the need to move across the world’s battlefield and winning them. More thought should be given on ways to turn the success that they get into more beneficial outcomes. The united states are now taking steps to improve the lives of the people affected by wars by training personnel who will assist them in getting over them effects of the war.

The American Way of War should adopt new features due to changing times and the world is changing rapidly due to rapid changes in technology. The features include; special operation forces who will handle specific duties instead of the current large groups, surveillance that will counter mass destruction, adjustment in the local security to counter terrorist attacks and be more flexible to be in the right place at the right time, (Weigley, 77).

The military is a very important organ in any given country. Any particular military in any country has a legacy based on their achievements. These achievements can be in many forms including getting military equipments that are of good quality. Some like the United States military are proud if themselves for the real battle experiences that they have won. These wars are what have built the American ways of war. Technology has played a key role in all this wars. The Americans have won in these wars because of the assistance of sophisticated weapons.

Terrorism is becoming more rampant, many people are losing their lives. These terrorist groups are not big organizations, but are small forces that do not require sophisticated technology to stop. They only thing it requires are surveillance systems to find out who they are and where they are. There are many upcoming terrorists’ groups that will still come up. It is up to the United States of America to use its resources to suppress such groups. The other economically stable countries should be allowed to join in to end the terrorist groups and not rely entirely on the American way of war.    

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