Persuasive speaking refers to a way of speaking in which the speaker aims at obtaining the audience’s assent. The speaker is usually concerned with convincing and persuading the audience to buy his/her point of view.

The subject of this paper is an article found in Yahoo News dated 11th December, 2012. The author of the article is Jeff Greenfield. In this article, Greenfield tries to convince the reader why he believes that Obama’s second term as U.S president may not be a cursed one. This follows a commonly held belief that regardless of a president’s performance in his/her first term in office, he/she tends to end up in unfortunate situations once re-elected. He goes ahead to provide a brief history of past U.S presidents and the misfortunes they faced. The author is positive about Obama’s second term being different from that of other presidents. He explains that most of the blunders in the second term are as a result of decisions made during the first term.

This article can be said to be persuasive given the way in which the author explains his position. It can be seen that the main aim of Greenfield is to have his readers agree with him on this issue. He provides historic information on what led to the dismal performance of past presidents. He gives an assertion that the misfortunes that such presidents underwent are just a culmination of decisions they made during their first term. All these are aimed at making the reader evaluate Obama’s first term and make a similar conclusion with the author that he is not likely to undergo such misfortunes.

To help convince his audience more, the author further explains that the second term curse does not necessarily affect every president. This, he uses to make his readers look at Obama as an exception to the rule. He argues that Obama may not be a victim.

On my part, I do agree with the author that Obama’s case may be different from those of other presidents. He may end up being one of the few presidents to leave office with a few ugly stories on their backs. This is because his first term in office was not characterized with decisions capable of turning fatal in the future.

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