The Issue of Defense of the Country should be Priority for Every Government

I do agree that the priority of every government should be to protect its country. Protecting a country includes protecting even the people of that country, and therefore, it is the duty of every government to defend its citizens from foreign competition and loss, and to put the interest of its nation first. For instance, economies are vital for the survival of every country. Lack of a good economy leaves a country reliant on other countries for survival; therefore it’s the legal duty of every government to defend the economy of its country. This includes actively defending its citizens in all areas, including the job market; a government should do everything possible to ensure that its citizens are not outsourced out of jobs.

            Protecting its citizens from overseas competition and loss should be the responsibility of every government, in order to make sure that viable jobs and skills are kept within the borders of its country. A majority of times, governments of countries are usually faced with business competition. If the foreign business environment offers better opportunities for business, a government may loose both its citizens and jobs to countries overseas, if it does not intervene. One way to keep its citizens working at home is by making jobs within the country more attractive in terms of salaries and working conditions.

            In addition, matters of national security are important to every government.  Protecting its country means not allowing foreign forces to pose security risks in its country. Foreign militia groups such as Al Shabaab if allowed to attack the citizens of a country, it not only risks the lives and property of its people, but also the national security, which is a key determinant whether tourists will be willing to visit that country, and whether foreign investors will want to invest in a country that is facing insecurity. In addition, if a government does not defend its security officers from foreign competition, many of them will seek job opportunities oversees and know one will remain to provide security within the country. Therefore, every government should make it a responsibility to defend its country.

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