The Living Room Candidate

The commercial OBAMA vs. MCCAIN is a paid commercial on “THE LIVING ROOM CANDIDATE” by senator McCain. This particular commercial reflects the views of senator McCain, a presidential candidate on another candidate senator Obama. McCain paid for the commercial and as such is entitled to see his commercial reflect his views. This however does not mean that the media is biased towards Obama, due to the following reasons, they are, first it is a paid advertisement by senator McCain, which means that it would reflect his views, second, senator McCain and senator Obama are both rivals running for the post of the president of the United States. Since McCain and Obama are rivals, McCain would use it to promote himself as the best candidate to be the president of the United States.

There are two ways to promote oneself as an ideal candidate to be the president, one is to highlight one's own capabilities and try to project oneself as the best person for the job, and two, to highlight the drawbacks of one's rivals, just to show that one is far better off being the president than the others, McCain chose the second option. However, the running of these commercials  by “THE LIVING ROOM CANDIDATE” on behalf of McCain does not mean that the media is biased towards Obama. It is very clearly stated right from the beginning that this is a commercial and at the end it is shown that this commercial has been paid for by McCain. Through this, the channel is intending to mean that the views in the commercial are that of McCain and that it does not reflect the views of the channel. People will know that this an advertisement meant to promote McCain for president  and may or may not get influenced to vote against Obama, depending on their sense of judgment.

On the other hand if this was not a commercial by McCain and instead if it was news by the media channel, then it can be said that this channel is biased towards Obama. But if one channel speaks against Obama, there may be many other channels that may favor him. As such, these days it is up to the people to gather all the information and use their own sense of judgment in judging Obama, rather than go by the reporting of these news channels.

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