The Military Draft

Since time immemorial, the United States of America has been in the forefront advocating for global peace, harmonious co-existence of nations, and people of different religions, ethnicity, and social backgrounds. In addition, the United States of America pays great attention to respect of human rights. This includes respect individuals’ right to liberty. Based on these ideologies about the United States of America, I recommend that during this year’s draft, the President and the Congress should allow potential draftees to volunteer into the draft. The Congress, after the approval of the President, should make a national announcement, informing all US citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 about the exercise.

In the announcement, the Congress should state the number of draftees that it is willing to recruit. In addition, it should include that the reason why it want people to volunteer into the draft is because it recognizes that every person has a right make a choice without being forced by anybody (right to liberty). Besides, the US government is aware that in the past, people who were forced into the draft would experience many problems, especially if their desires were not to serve in the military. For this reason, the US government wants to give a chance to those individuals between the ages of 18 and 35, and have a desire to serve in the military to do it voluntarily. This will reduce the number of problems that the defense forces experienced in the past when the draftees would be forced into the military without their own will.

Nonetheless, if the number of volunteers fails to meet the required number, the government can then utilize the traditional method of recruiting draftees. However, the amount of force should be reduced in order for the government to avoid creating a negative impression to its citizens. 

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